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Exposition of dress of international of autumn of much husband of Er of 2008 Ger
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Begin date 2008/07/27
End date 2008/07/29
What belong to trade dress / leather / spin
Can exhibit international of much husband of Er of place Germany Du Sai to exhibit a center
Showpiece international of much husband of Er of address Germany Du Sai exhibits a center
Be in national Germany
Be in much husband of Er of urban Du Sai
Exhibit meeting site: International of much husband of Er of German Du Sai exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: Germany shows a company according to fashionable dress of case much international
Exhibit meeting cycle: Two / year
Content of item on display: Of all kinds female outfit, men's clothing, fittings of gauze of outfit of fashionable dress of dress of suit, underwear, knitting, bull-puncher dress, leather dress, youth, recreational outfit, swimsuit, beach, marriage, late outfit, childen's garments, bathrobe, bedgown, sock, scarf, fabrics, dress
Exhibit meeting general situation:
Exhibition of much husband of Du Sai Er on mixed every year in Feburary was in Germany respectively in July Dusaierduofu exhibits a center to hold, should exhibit hold two every year, the organizer depends on fashionable dress of case much international to show a company to have the Germany that shows experience 50 years (Igedo Company) . This exhibition publishs world dress course of study newfangled trend, be world dress and fashionable dress order goods sexual exposition, open to professional audience only. The activity such as fashion show and international award a prize still will be conducted during exposition. Should exhibit exhibit for major daughter outfit formerly, should each are big well-known trademark and broad ginseng exhibit international the requirement of business, visiting business, began exposition to raise men's clothing series from August 2002, make exhibit meeting content more rich, become Europe the biggest, enclothe exposition of the widest omnibus dress dress. Winter is exhibited can be in those days Qiu Dong's seasonal dress information is released reach order goods; The summer exhibits the dress information that can be festival of summer of spring of the coming year to release reach order goods.

This exposition exhibited the summer in July 2007 an area 160 thousand much square metre, have 2 what come from 67 countries, ginseng of more than 300 manufacturer is exhibited. Last a period of time 3 days exhibit 51 what can welcome 90 many states in all, many 000 professional audience, and more than 1 what come from 40 many countries, 270 reporters. Exposition advances the idea of round-the-world vogue and international product and treatment from Feburary 2003, add round-the-world and fashionable house newly (Global Fashion) . Gross area of round-the-world and fashionable house makes an appointment with previous term or session 14, 000 square metre, the ginseng of more than 500 enterprise that has 17 countries and area is exhibited, exhibit an area ratio to got on to grow 25% . Bigger exhibit a group to come from the country such as Taiwan of Hong Kong of China, China, China, India, Pakistan and hamster. The number that sees round-the-world and fashionable house has 6 in all, 000 much person-time, exhibit than previous term or session can increase 12% , among them the audience of 57% comes from beyond German mainland. Visiting audience on the whole quality is higher, what basically come to round-the-world and fashionable house is professional audience, and have the person look around of nearly 2/3 be the decision-making sex character inside the industry.
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