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Clothing of children of teenager of 2009 Shanghai international reachs rich of m
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2009Clothing of children of Shanghai international teenager reachs exposition of mother baby things

Shanghai International Teenagers ' And Children ' S Clothing And Articles Fair

Sponsor an unit: Organizing committee of Cultural Festival of dress of international of Shanghai people government, Shanghai
Undertake unit: Shanghai international shows limited company
Sponsor time: On March 10, 2009, 12 days
Sponsor a place: Shanghai new international reads extensively central W2 house
Show a location: In relief road of dragon of Shanghai Pudong new developed area 2345
Limits of item on display: Childen's garments / the baby is taken, adolescent is taken, things of shoe cap fittings, baby child, pregnant woman things

Pay close attention to children Halve tomorrow - MakeMakeChinese childen's garments the first exhibitChinese childen's garments the first exhibit

Be Concerned For Children Share The Future

Clothing of children of Shanghai international teenager and exposition of mother baby things (SITC) it is Shanghai international dress mix during the Cultural Festival the major that the corresponding period of fair of trade of textile of Shanghai international dress holds is exhibited meeting. 2009, SITC reads extensively in Shanghai new international house of central W2 date is held, exhibit an area 5000 square metre, many 100 childen's garments exhibits business to be revealed centrally. Rely on the strong platform at fair of trade of textile of Shanghai international dress, exhibit meeting general to bring a better trade environment to you, provide all-around excellent service for you.

Your ginseng extends an advantage:
The baby with the earliest 2009 time child dress things is exhibited, gain the market for you first machine!
Childen's garments grand meeting, big shop sign gathers, internationalization atmosphere dash forward show brand advantage!
Agent, join in business, jobber, department store, international buys a round all to show up negotiate, date of the shortest time buys the home at most!
Get first-hand market information, knowledge industry policy is oriented!
SITC is card of your develop item on display and the platform of superexcellent business affairs that cut the market quickly!

Shanghai -- the market that contends for surely
All through the ages of market of Shanghai childen's garments is the arena that domestic brand shows eagerly, include gigantic alligator of international childen's garments inside enterprise of a batch of abroad childen's garments grabs beach Shanghai in succession, shanghai field shows internationalization trait more.
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