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2008 Russia federal is light industrial spin and equipment fall fair
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Should be being exhibited can be Russia government organization, the international that Russia spin group and group of Russia light industry sponsor is large spin dress is on sale meeting. Exhibit can obtain UFI international to exhibit can allied organization and Russia to exhibit can allied qualification, the whole world is exhibited 600 times only can obtain this special honour. Should be being exhibited also can be Russia, alone couplet body and hamster area are the largest internationally light industrial spin exposition, consequence and dimensions are great. Exhibit can begin from 1993, annual spring autumn is held twice, exhibiting a house is to be located in Muscovite complete Russia to exhibit a center, take up amount to 10 to exhibit a house. Ginseng postpone a business by Summer 2001 3500 of exposition, enlarge nearly 8000 of exposition to Summer 2006, origin from the world 36 countries add 52 countries. Exhibit the industry expert that comes round to look around on the meeting and wholesale shopkeeper to achieve more than 100000 person-time, purchase business, jobber, trafficker or shopkeeper in great quantities to look around purchase, seek cooperation. In recent years, improve greatly as Russia economic atmosphere, dweller income rises ceaselessly, russia market is vigorous with each passing day to the demand of textile, gap of domestic supply and demand is bigger and bigger, the entrance counts level bigger, reach except cotton cloth and pure wool cloth a few industrial outside textile, the textile of other daily expense such as cloth of silk of silk, man-made, curtain basically relies on father commerce to be imported from China, southeast Asia and Turkey. Russian commerce will enter the new period of a rapid development in. This exhibition, will build a conspicuous platform for broad medium and small businesses, to enter Russia broad market lays next good foundations. Classification of item on display: The home spins a house: All sorts of family expenses textile, bedding, rug, kitchen uses sofa of textile, towel, curtain cloth art. Fabrics house: All sorts of knitted piece goods, dress raw material of complementary makings, yarn, spin. Dress shop: All sorts of dress, special type dress and defend house of machinery of dress of dress, dress, spin: Machine of all sorts of embroider machine, gush water loom, air-jet loom, printing and dyeing, loom. Extend meeting time: In September 2008 23- - 26 days exhibit meeting site: Center of exhibition of Muscovite complete Russia and center of Crocus Expo exhibition contact means unit:  of fragrance Xun actinium receives appraise to break through ū the? faceless phone such as  of this nine of  of  ┯ Xing Xun: 010-52057789 is faxed: 010-85592080 mobile phone: 13691003345 network address: HTtp://www.oydexpo.com mailbox: OUyida_china@126.com