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2009 enlighten do obeisance to international home to spin fabrics and dress expo
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Enlighten the essential commerce that doing obeisance to is join middle east and Asia and transit center, the market but outspread to North Africa, middle east, meridional, South Asia, on the west inferior the demand with annual fabrics of the dress of the area of broad market middle east that reachs circumjacent Arabia country to have population of 1.5 billion consumption, spin exceeds middle east of 11.4 billion dollar spin market production value restrains 4 billion dollar, annual amount of dry goods of middle east import can amount to 3 billion dollar, mouth of its change trains occupies dimensions of market of textile of 40% middle east to have the increase rate of 11% every year about, textile also is A couplet chief of a tribe oil of the 2nd big blame kind the bilateral trading business volume of entrance and transit project China and A couplet chief of a tribe broke through 10 billion U.S. dollor to close greatly 2005, among them spin shoe cap kind hold the proportion of nearly 20% ; ★ enjoys limits of item on display of ★ of allowance of medium and small businesses of Department of Commerce: The home spins reach fabrics kind: Things of all sorts of family expenses textile, bedding, bathroom, kitchen reachs all sorts of homes to spin fabrics to wait with textile, towel, curtain, yarn, vestee; Dress and fabrics kind: Craft of dress of swimsuit of outfit, childen's garments, underwear, labor insurance, spin, dress act the role ofing tastes dress of male and female, motion sportswear, goods of cloth of all sorts of fabrics, yarn, linen-cotton, knitwear, spin, fur; Complementary makings reachs fittings: Slide fastener, button, lining cloth, weave the complementary material such as the belt. Extend meeting time: 7-9 day will exhibit meeting site in April 2009: Enlighten do obeisance to international to exhibit a center (enlighten do obeisance to world trade centre) the welcome does not join the business that postpone to make an on-the-spot investigation along with the group! Charge: Personnel expends cost signing up. Contact means unit:  of fragrance Xun actinium receives appraise to break through ū the? faceless phone such as  of this nine of  of  ┯ Xing Xun: 010-52057789 is faxed: 010-85592080 mobile phone: 13691003345 network address: HTtp://www.oydexpo.com mailbox: OUyida_china@126.com