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Chinese billiards exposition
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Chinese billiards exposition, (CBE-2008) China Billards Expo 2008 ■ origanization construction: Domestic support: Center of sports of spherule of national sports total bureau is abroad support: Association of ping-pong of world profession billiards sponsors an unit: Wen Xin of Shanghai of group of medium of wide news of article of total meeting Shanghai signs up for sports of Shanghai of Chinese billiards association trade group undertakes unit: Grand meeting of day of Shanghai of limited company of center of culture of East Asia sports exhibits service limited company ■ exhibition program: Show time: 3-6 day cloth exhibited in October 2008: 1-2 day ground nodded in October 2008: Dimensions of exhibition of Shanghai East Asia: 4500 square metre predict to see a number: 10000 to 15000; Predict the abroad number that buy the home can amount to 1000-1200 2008 to exhibit can send word: In recent years, the promotion that is in China as Sinuoke and 9 balls motion, the amount of Chinese billiards lover rises ceaselessly. Overcome China of settle of two contests thing as world Si Nuo especially (Chinese open competition and Shanghai master game) , the billiards that attracted media of more audiences, news and sponsor to pay close attention to China eagerly moves. Stage fan measure of China already looked the population of match of NBA He Yingchao more than far, course of study already became our country to participate in one of athletic projects with most extensive crowd. Additional, china also is the manufacturing base of global billiards things. According to statistic, china reachs relevant things every year with 60 million billiards exit is abroad, and North America, Europe, southeast Asia develop the area is given priority to. Total production value of table tennis property with annual the rate of 12 million dollar rises, occupy whole world billiards to produce the 50 % above of gross, export the forehead to increase by degrees with the high specific speed of 6 % , everyday on average now nearly 100 foreign traders purchase table tennis and relevant articles for use. Chinese billiards exposition (CBE-2008) will by what differ child exhibit form, strive enclothes table tennis whole industry catenary. Every stature exhibits the demand compose that will be aimed at different field company to build be revealed differently and communicate platform, each child exhibit and activity of form a complete set is strong and interactive, form resounding effect, effectively implementation exhibits the brand of the meeting oriented, commerce directs and internationalization directs. Exhibit the quality of the meeting for promotion, the professional exhibition company that association introduces Gao Shuiping especially undertakes exposition, the hope is organized through what specialization and run, raise the integral level of exposition further, creat accord with an industry to expand demand, have the trade grand meeting of international consequence. Table tennis motion makes one of the sports with the rapiddest growth, recreational motion in China, in the meantime, shanghai also will become the whole world to provide the table tennis motion of dimensions to consume the market most. The whole world is bred in Shanghai top class table tennis exposition, the working target of this since congress, also be the joint pursuit of entire industry. The 6 big reason that you must share exposition Executive Board in April 2008: 1, China is exclusive by table tennis highest government orgnaization is sponsorred, the industry that numerous international association supports is exhibited meeting; 2, participate in sponsorred billiards exclusively to exhibit by news medium group meeting, force of news effect, industry is the largest change; 3, the corresponding period of the as most top class as China match, undertake together; 4, we invited world each district the most professional buy the home, assume these major to buy the home to extend the charge of room of hotel of 4 stars class during the meeting, offer Shanghai airport freely receive aircraft service; 5, we through offerring guild main controller extends the pattern such as the airline ticket going there and back during the meeting and accommodation, invited the billiards related international to organize (like area of and other places of Euramerican, Russia, middle east, southeast Asia) assistance enrols business and audience organization to work; 6, we organize obligation audience and the activity of business affairs conjugate that postpone business, fulfil international major to buy what the home plans to be in China to inspect journey program; If you are supplier of the OEM of table tennis industry, ODM, component, so ask you to be booked in time exhibit. Trade conjugate activity: Exhibit the actual effect sex of the meeting to strengthen, make join exhibit with join the unit of the meeting to be able to see more cause clients, undertake discussing effectively during the exhibition, the Executive Board will exhibit an unit to organize activity of business affairs conjugate to join, build butt joint platform for broad travelling merchant. The company that hope ginseng is exhibited and sees and guest are wide to use. Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be able to refer business affairs conjugate to serve application form division to the Executive Board according to his need, so that the Executive Board is you to arrange corresponding conjugate business, make an appointment business affairs negotiates time (application ends time: 28 years on August 31) show range: Desk of desk of beautiful type billiards, English billiards desk, beautiful type billiards, leave human relations desk of billiards of type of table tennis desk, Russia and lever of of all kinds ball, plan cent implement, leather head, artful gram, special glove, chimney, tripod, special tablecloth, special flag and billiards are acted the role of taste; Place of house of training orgnaization, club, of all kinds ball, meeting reach place establishment and device; Other stage kind athletic product includes the product such as ball of the football on ping-pong, stage, Sha Hu. Show content: Item on display is revealed, seminar of new product news briefing, new technology, market development workshop; Other spot attracts the activity of the audience: Appreciate of true bogus of table tennis things explains culture of performance of celebrity of meeting, billiards, billiards is exhibited, how to become professional ball hand to wait; Congress supports plan: Cent of level of sponsor of current mass rally is: Diamond sponsor, platinum sponsor, gold sponsor, banquet sponsor (exclusive) , advertisement of sponsor of card of gift sponsor, data bag sponsor, bosom and condole rope sponsor, an arch over a gateway, website; (detailed data alls alone fully) . ■ favourable method: The favourable ginseng that sponsors unit member unit to enjoy 10 % exhibits an area to exceed 18 to make the same score rice (contain 18 smooth rice) the favourable ginseng that enjoys 5 % exhibits an area to exceed 36 to make the same score rice (contain 36 smooth rice) the favourable every ginseng that enjoys 10 % postpones a business, with 9 smooth rice is exhibited for the standard, every increase to exhibit an entrance ticket that increases competition of Great Master of the corresponding period namely a piece. ■ ginseng exhibit charge ★ 9 ㎡ standard exhibits a stage (note: Double-faced mouth exhibits add collect 20 % fee) in endowment enterprise: ¥ 9800 yuan / / exhibition period joint ventures: ¥ 11800 yuan / / enterprise of exhibition period foreign capital: $ 3000 yuan / / every standard extends exhibition period include [lintel of 3 boarding, company board, one desk 2 chair, shoot electrical outlet of power source of the lamp, 220V/5A 2 times, exhibit bespread 24 hours of carpet, Bao Jie, security personnel] . Ground of ★ indoor light (note: Hire since 36 square metre the least, offer only ginseng exhibit a space, do not include any establishment. ) in endowment enterprise: ¥ 1000 yuan / ㎡ / exhibition period joint ventures: ¥ 1200 yuan / ㎡ / enterprise of exhibition period foreign capital: $ 300 yuan / ㎡ / exhibition period ■ advertisement of proceedings of a conferences and other advertisement (RMB) □ cover: Back cover of 20000 yuan of □ : Inside back cover of 18000 yuan of □ : Black and white full page of 12000 yuan of □ : Inside front cover of 3000 yuan of □ : Full page of color of 15000 yuan of □ : Card of bosom of 6000 yuan of □ : 5000 yuan / arch of 10 thousand □ : 3000 yuan / ticket of exhibition period □ : 5000 yuan / 10 thousand (the ticket rises 30 thousand pieces imprint) □ balloon scroll: 2000 yuan / exhibition period ■ ginseng extend a program 1, ginseng exhibit sign up: Plan to join exhibit an unit to fill in please ginseng extend application form and contract (accessory one) , the content in the watch enters print exhibition proceedings of a conference, it is clear to reason offers Chinese and English manuscript please or fill in with regular script, business charter of along with company, photocopy (every afore-mentioned certificate have false person, cancel to join exhibit a qualification) reach postpone a selection (after exhibiting bitmap to add) be sent along with all the others or the fax sponsors unit office; 2, application to extend an a week to exhibition inside will join exhibit expense [50% (subscription) or entire section] telegraphic transfer money or hand in to constituent unit, more than on August 31, 2008 before paid; Exhibit allocate a principle: "Apply for first, pay first, arrange first " ; 3, ginseng exhibit business to be in remit after each charge, reach fax of bank money order bill please constituent unit; 4, constituent unit is in after receiving the fee that exhibit a stage, exhibit a month to send " ginseng exhibit manual " to ginseng postpone business; Contact means unit: BE-2008 of – of  of curtain of late of ├ of ancient name for a kind of scorpion of discharge  ㄇ ) phone: 021-34080508 is faxed: 021-54306577 mobile phone: 13564953077 network address: WWw.chinabilliardsexpo.com

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