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Spare parts of car of 2008 Brazil international and after service are exhibited
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Extend meeting time: On November 27, 2008 - 29 days exhibit meeting cycle: Annual an exhibition place: Limits of item on display of Transamerica Expo Center of Brazilian emperor Paul: Equipment of component of drive of spare parts of equipment of accessory of of all kinds car, air conditioning, acoustics, electron, accumulator, safety belt, brake, batholith, clutch, condenser and transmission, metal, heavy traffic and accessory, hoist, service, tool. Car spare parts: System of system of transmission of accessory of various spare parts and OEM, car, car, automobile body spare parts, batholith, gear and gearing. Car a replacement: General fittings and OEM, design changes his costume or dress, component of spare parts of equipment of general tire and bead, air conditioning, car acoustics, guard against theft, electron, accumulator, safety belt, brake, batholith, clutch, condenser, drive and transmission, metal, tire, heavy traffic and accessory. Car electron: System of entertainment of acoustics of equipment of electronic spare parts, lighting, car, electron, car is avoided carry equipment of air conditioning of equipment of phone, communication, car to wait. Long protect facility: Long the equipment that protect a plant and material, diagnose with measure, tester material, long protect rescue of tool and technology, lifting platform, special tool, road, pull crane equipment of equipment of equipment and service, automobile factory and storage, hoist, service, tool and equipment. Service facilities: Gas station and service station equipment, car maintains, car cleans product of hairdressing of mechanical equipment, car, of all kinds tool to wait. Facility of the paint that bake: Equipment of spray paint plant and material, paint, car is antirust, anticorrosive technology and material. The sale serves: Be on sale of insurance and service of equipment of professional journal, dealer and administrative organization, two handcart, rental service, advertisement, of all kinds software. Environmental protection reclaims: Flotsam processing and reclaim, the connection means unit such as environmental protection science and technology and product: Appraise of angry of She Ni  bars  lens Yun " ?023-67698706 is faxed: 023-67698724 mobile phone: 13883109306 network address: HTtp://www.huaxiaexpo.com/