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Machinery of Mexican world concrete reachs technical equipment exhibition
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Begin date 2008/06/17
End date 2008/06/19
What belong to industry instrument / equipment / technology
Can exhibit place Mexico city
Showpiece address Mexico
Be in national Mexico
Be in urban Mexico
Exhibit meeting description machinery of concrete of 2008 Mexico world and bound of World Of Concrete Mexico of technical equipment exhibition are mixed
Show time: Came 19 days on June 17, 2008
Show a location: Mexican city
The exhibition is periodic: A year
Content of item on display: Concrete products: Component of goods of stripping and slicing of commodity mortar, concrete, concrete, dye.
Technical material reachs equipment: Build system and material; Concrete finishing technology; Concrete cloth and finishing; Concrete agitate and transmit; Concrete decorates equipment; Build tool and facility; Concrete builds a technology; Prefab concrete; Concrete makes machine; Concrete material; Construction machinery; Concrete carries car, pump car, pump and product of form a complete set; Bitumen concrete agitate; Booth lays mechanical equipment; Machinery of concrete stripping and slicing.
Additive: Equipment of technology of production of of all kinds additive, adscititious material, additive detects, experiment instrument; Equipment of analysis, metric, testing instrument, experiment tests agent and material.
The surface defends technical equipment: Waterproof, repair, stick receive the technical equipment such as sealed, conserve.
Postpone meeting setting introduction: Exhibit by world-renowned brand meeting - the United States pulls Siweijiasi " world concrete exposition (World Of Concrete) " sponsor square - company of American Hanley Wood and United States the company sponsors Klaus jointly " exposition of Mexican world concrete (World Of Concrete, mexico) " hold 4 successfully already. Will hold the 5th 2008. Should exhibit the support that can get association of Mexican concrete industry, Mexico builds industrial chamber of commerce and Mexican country housing to promote the main organization such as the meeting.
In recent years, the development strategy of Mexican new government and investment policy make market of its home building very active, the market dimensions of construction machinery and material and import volume year after year rise. "World concrete exposition " this one brand exhibits meeting settle Mexico, get used to market demand just about, make the essential commerce room that faces Mexico and market of Latin America construction. Through development of a few years, should exhibit the concrete equipment with already can make Latin America market the most important, technology and product exposition.
Reviewing of previous term or session:
Machinery of Mexican world concrete and technical equipment exhibition establish 2004, hold every year. Previous term or session exhibits meeting exhibition area 12, 000 square metre, ginseng exhibit 502 manufacturers, patronage of 16025 professional personages looks around and negotiate commerce, have bldg. among them stylist of senior controller, architect, adornment, bear official of the person that build unit of business, construction, investment to develop business, estate to develop business, owner, bldg. to import shopkeeper, agent, urban and rural program, government.
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