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China production equipment of component of austral border car and material are e
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Cloth extends date on July 27, 2008---On July 28, 2008
Exhibit date on July 29, 2008---On July 31, 2008
Remove extend date on July 31, 2008---On July 31, 2008
Exhibit the meeting is periodic and annual
What belong to industry car / vehicle
Can exhibit conference of place Guangzhou international to exhibit a center (Pa continent exhibits a house)
Be in national Guangdong province | Guangzhou city
Be in urban Guangzhou city
Exhibit meeting description to pass successive and old high speed development, china becomes burgeoning world-class car and component to make a center gradually. The high quality that 21 centuries car produces, standardization and efficient, posed taller challenge to automobile manufacturing industry of China, more ardent to the demand of advanced technique and equipment, and Guangzhou regards home as one of base of industry of 4 old automobiles, the development of relevant industry particularly rapid. Dispatch connects exhibition company to produce the understanding of production industry and assemble through reach its component to the car for years, the major with production the the biggest, wholest field of car of the area austral constituent China is exhibited meeting, be dedicated to making the main platform that purchases for the production technology of car component industry, equipment. Have 20 sponsor industry for years to exhibit experience, be in every year and other places of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Suzhou, Vietnam runs much field large scale computer bed, mould, plastic wait for industry to exhibit meeting, hold manufacturing industry of international automobile equipment to exhibit at succeeding in Guangzhou 2004 2006, succeed two years 7 years continuously hold component of car of Hong Kong international to exhibit, have giant car relevant industry database. Market dominant position: 1, total sales volume of 2006 China car 7.2 million, than growing 25.1% together, make the whole world the 2nd old car sells the market, predict to discharged a famous general to be able to rise to 2015 the first. 2, total production value of Chinese car component also grows strong, broke through 400 billion yuan 2006. 3, development of Chinese automobile industry is swift and violent: Guangdong saves auto industry company many 430, among them 54 autocycle produce car production company enterprise enterprise of 58 main component many 320, annual car sale amounts to 820 thousand above, than going up year of growth sales revenue of 42.4 % component 5.333 billion yuan of RMBs, grow 13.5 % . Exit of industry of complete province automobile is achieved collect 9.716 billion yuan of RMBs, growth amounts to 49 % . Guangzhou already developed become countrywide car to export the area with the largest amount. 4, form industrial group to change a dominant position: Produce as this cropland, Feng Tian, day, and Korea is contemporary assemble in Guangzhou, add even more the periphery of enterprise of 200 cars component gathers, make Guangzhou is formed " east, south, north " the group of 3 old cars that has distinguishing feature each. 5, the development that Guangzhou municipal government promotes car component industry energetically, predict 2010 of Guangzhou produce per year car dimensions to exceed 1.6 million, auto industry production value achieves 360 billion yuan of RMBs, among them component production value is achieved 160 billion. The target of Guangzhou is to carry on the move that international car component produces, make car component " global supplier " . 6, this Guangzhou cropland head period invest 2 billion yuan of RMBs to establish a car to consider to develop limited company, and at formal 2010 put into production, this investment will produce production equipment to generate many demand to the car. 7, form it is core with Guangzhou, the industrial group that the city such as door of city of circumjacent Shenzhen, Fosan, benefit, Zhongshan, river is one class component to supply form a complete set. Visiting object: Target audience comes from domain of the following industry: Car of manufacturing industry of mould of car component manufacturing industry matchs complementary internal-combustion engine of car of manufacturing industry of drive disk assembly of car of manufacturing industry of tire of manufacturing industry car / interior trim of car of manufacturing industry of autocycle of manufacturing industry of car of manufacturing industry of automobile of motor manufacturing industry manufacturing industry of engine of railroad of manufacturing industry of manufacturing industry aerospace
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