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Finishing of international of the 8th 2009 Guangdong, besmear holds an exhibitio
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Begin date 2009/03/05
End date 2009/03/07
What belong to an industry to exhibit / the conference / public relations
Can exhibit conference of place Guangzhou international to exhibit a center (wide hand in meeting Pa continent exhibit a house)
Showpiece conference of address Guangzhou international exhibits a center (wide hand in meeting Pa continent exhibit a house)
Be in national China
Be in urban Guangzhou
Exhibit meeting description
One, market general situation
Pearl River delta is located in Chinese south, border HongKong and Macow, radiation southeast Asia, it is manufacturing industry base of China, know exactly about sth produces production business 10 thousand times, industrial base is solid, product of product of car, home appliance, communication, IT, number, electron, lamp act the role ofing, toy, Wei Yu, kitchen utensils and appliances, horological wait for manufacturing industry special develop. What the ceaseless development of manufacturing industry reachs environmental protection issue is increasingly outstanding outfit of pair of finishing, besmear, eletroplate the industry offerred vast development space to also raise taller requirement, provided development good luck and vast market space for of all kinds new material, new technology, new facility.

2, exhibit can review
Outfit of Guangdong international finishing, besmear, eletroplate exhibition is held every year in Guangzhou since 2003, exhibition of outfit of finishing of international of the 4th 2007 Guangdong, besmear and international of the 3rd Guangdong eletroplate industry and anticorrosion exhibition in June 2007 21 be in China to 23 days Pa continent exhibits Fair of import and export merchandise the house is held ceremoniously, because the big thrust of the organizing committee is wide, make exhibited the respect such as the qualitative element that can postpone a business from dimensions, ginseng, visiting person-time to have than previous term or session very big rise. 3 days exhibit during the meeting, professional audience reached more than 13000 people, the international such as this cropland of the electric equipment that attracted the United States, Guangzhou, Fu Kang looks around before famous user enterprise purchase.

3, extend meeting advantage
Domestic authoritative association participates in an organization in the round, integrated advantage resource, with one action makes Chinese ginseng postpone a business most, the professional grand meeting with the most distinct effect. This exhibiting can be association of Chinese surface project eletroplates branch, Guangdong eletroplates guild of coating of province of association, Guangdong is in China churchyard is exclusive and comprehensive participate in an organization the plan, professional grand meeting that make preparations. Association will be employed have each resource, wait for a form through dispatch of all sorts of conferences and activity, combination, start the member that experience individually, party member, collective participation should postpone the business related each meeting.
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