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The 2nd 2008 China western landscape of building design gardens and
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Begin date 2009/03/06
End date 2008/03/08
What belong to industry house property / building / decorate
Can exhibit place Chongqing to exhibit a center
Showpiece garden of division of address high new developed area 4 269
Be in national China
Be in urban Chongqing
Exhibit meeting description:
The 2nd 2008 China western (Chongqing) landscape of building design gardens and town planning are exhibited
In March 2008 6-8 day, chongqing exhibits a center
The 2nd 2008 China western (Chongqing) landscape of building design, gardens and town planning are exhibited, the center is exhibited to hold in Chongqing to 8 days on March 6, 2008.
Exhibition of previous term or session attracted the ginseng of close a hunderd schools that comes from 19 countries such as the United States, Germany, England, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore and chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and area to postpone business more than 1000 kinds of ginseng exhibit item on display to attend reveal.
In by a definite date in exhibition of 3 days, attend a meeting professional audience basically comes from a project / development of project, estate, project contracts, unit of manage of construction, inspect, designing institute place, adornment, property management, agency and agent, among them Chongqing audience holds total visiting number 70% , Sichuan is occupied 19% , Yunnan is occupied 3% , Guizhou is occupied 6% , other area is occupied 2% , spot dealing is active, the accord that got broad ginseng meets a honored guest affirms and approbate. Of 80% above exhibit business to express to will continue to support and attend, carried to exhibition suggest and improve measure very well, the exhibition that shows a company to Boruide expressed deep great expectations.
Develop as economic society, especially of the construction of 3 gorge project and project of 1 million immigrant carry out, chongqing becomes urban and rural and integrated form a complete set to reform test division and new urban and rural overall planning to come on stage carry out, the development environment of Chongqing city and condition produced very big change, chongqing stands on a new historical start again. "Bo Ruide • builds rich to meet " will more a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Those who predict current exhibition dimensions is previous term or session is fourfold.
In March 2008 6-8 day, chongqing exhibits a center, make us collective get together glamour Chongqing, get together " Bo Ruide • builds rich to meet " , with broad western builder together, share business chance, conspire to develop, implementation spans newly!
Origanization construction
Sponsor an unit: Chongqing city reconnaissance designs housing materials association of city of Chongqing of association of bldg. of association Chongqing city
Undertake unit: Heart of Chongqing rich luck shows limited company
Extend meeting program
Report cloth exhibits: On March 4, 2008 - 5 days exhibit can kick off: On March 6, 2008 morning 09: 30
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