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The sea carries boat of international of the 4th 2008 Vietnam reach shipbuilding
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Begin date 2009/03/11
End date 2008/03/14
What belong to industry shipping
Can exhibit center of conference of place Vietnam country - NCC
Showpiece center of conference of address Vietnam country - NCC
Time: Came on March 11, 2008 on March 14
Place: Center of Vietnam country conference - NCC
Sponsor an unit: Ministry of industry of Vietnam of government of Vietnam socialism republic
Department of trade of Vietnam of Vietnam traffic Department of Transportation
Vietnam of ministry of Vietnam science and technology plans to invest a ministry
Undertake unit: C.I.S of Vietnam of group of Vietnam shipping industry can exhibit ad firm
China assist run an unit: Business affairs center is jumped over in - the meeting in jumping over exhibits business affairs limited company
Action business supports an unit: Vietnam socialism republic is stationed in China embassy commerical department
Extend meeting scope: Predicting dimensions: 400 are exhibited, the foreign enterprise of 70% , have come from Germany, Switzerland, China, He Lan, Norwegian, Korea, Japan, Denmark, Malaysia, wait for more than 10 countries and area
Exhibit meeting setting:
China - east alliance free-trade area was started formally 2005, will build 2010. One has the market of 1.7 billion consumer, total production value exceeds 1.7 trillion dollar, custom duty falls to the whole world of 0-5% division of the 3rd large trade will bring you endless business chance. Vietnam strides as Chinese enterprise east the bridgehead of alliance market, economy grew speed to be 7.7 % 2004, it is one of area that southeast Asia area has commercial energy and development latent capacity most. Know Vietnam market information, policy and investment climate deep, popularize or purchase goods, seek Vietnam partner, establish the relationship with Vietnam government orgnaization... , what market of Vietnam of the swift-footed arrive first will prove your stand high and see far is decision-making.
Vietnam has the coasting with 3260 long kilometers, increase rate of Vietnam shipping industry was achieved 2005 30% , potential of marine economy progress is tremendous. The strategy that Vietnam government had regarded Vietnam the whole people as economy development shipping industry and marine course of study 2006 develops way. According to jumping over the statistic of Nanhai thing bureau, stop to May 2006 Vietnam fleet always shares 890 boats, total carring capacity ton it is 2.63 million tons, the 60th is discharged in world each country. Vietnam fleet structure is at present unreasonable, in short supply container is boat of special cargo ship, bulk cargo, large boat of former tanker, liquefied natural gas. Present cargo ship productivity is Vietnam: 600 mark box and the container ship of 1016 mark box, carring capacity ton for thirteen thousand five hundred tons of former tanker, carring capacity ton those who be 15 thousand tons is muti_function cargo ship and 25 thousand tons cargo ship, repair dock is 8500 tons of class to wait. To 2010, the target of Vietnam government is: Capable to build with maintenance carring capacity ton all sorts of shipping for 100 thousand tons, after 2010 capable to build with maintenance carring capacity ton all sorts of shipping for 400 thousand tons, vietnam will amount to 1 billion dollar to marine investment 2010, strive to join international procession, plan home productivity is in 60% above. Predict to make investment 115 boats amount to total carring capacity ton it is 2.6 million tons. Vietnam shares about 110 harbour now, all harbour port's cargo throughput was Vietnam 2005 160 million tons, predict to achieved 210 million tons 2010. Government of 2004 degrees of Vietnam invests 700 million dollar to arrive 64 projects of shipbuilding industry. But technology of Vietnam shipping design is backward, technical respect great majority is being designed in boat development and shipping is common boat model, boat of hi-tech, high additional cost little, method of shipping design technology, design is relatively backward also; At the same time Vietnam shipping builds a technology to lag behind, dockyard year can build 1.5-1.8 on average only shipping; Additional, vietnam is marine equipment technology is very backward also, its are marine equipment technology is overall the level is equivalent to international the level at the beginning of 70 time, homebred equipment lading leads 15-17% , exist in shipping automation respect far apart, the ship that at present Vietnam builds and use automation device are basic it is to rely on an entrance.
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