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Russia international car reached fittings trade fair 2008
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Extend meeting time on August 28, 2008, on September 1

Exhibit Moscow of meeting site Russia

Hold cycle annual

Sponsor unit ITE

Ginseng extend range: All sorts of component that a replacement of of all kinds and truckload, motor vehicle, bicycle, of all kinds car and accessory, car uses electronic equipment, tire to wait for system of; car engine, batholith, automobile body and electric equipment; The car is reached along with car tool detect, test equipment; Equipment of vehicle maintenance and repair and machine workshop equipment; Car coating reachs its device; Car garnish and things are waited a moment.

Exhibit can answer attend to relevant data

Exhibition of component of Muscovite international car only then 1991, annual, 2008 is dozenth, it is at present Russia is reached alone the automobile industry fair with couplet body the biggest country. This exhibition develops steadily in maturity, exhibit already contained all products that covered auto industry, basically car component, car is reached with electric equipment safeguard a product to wait. Should be being exhibited is the international car with the Russia that sponsors by group of British ITE exhibition and hamster the largest area and fittings exhibition, the only car that also is attestation of association of auto industry of international of this area classics is exhibited, annual, include truckload with fittings, in Muscovite international exhibition center is held, exhibition area amounts to 75000 square metre. Showing this to exhibit can be hamster, medium inferior the professional car that area and Baltic circumjacent country have force most is exhibited. Should exhibit every year have more than 780 when come from 30 countries such as Germany, France, Italy, England, Russia, Iran, Korea, Japan, Wukelan, Hungarian, Czech, Finland truckload reach fittings manufacturer ginseng to exhibit.

Market background

Russia is one of areas with the at present rapiddest rate of world economy progress, economic growth was amounted to 2002 7% . After disintegrate of the Russia before 1990, russia automobile industry ever was pounded badly, but in last few years as economy of the whole people anabiosis, the speed that this industry stunneds with making a person develops, attracted international the attention that numerous car manufacturer is like manufacturer of general, Ford, masses, Sikeda and component of whole world car. Begin to build the sale network of Russia as more and more manufacturers, russia market is higher and higher also to the requirement of product quality, although current industry requirement is apparent under other developed country, but according to Russia government statistic, to 2010, car entrance will amount to 650 thousand. As the growth of the entrance, russia country auto industry also with annual the speed of 10% gets developing, analyst thinks, inside 5 years of future, the car export of hamster area will increase 30% , at the same time the demand to component will increase significantly.
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