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"The world the first delicacy " the item of brand patent food of father
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"The world the first delicacy " intellectual property project sincere ask for collaboration

Cast 39 batches of hoisting jack---Help your hatch a few companies hang out his shingle appear on the market

One, this project is by tens of a when patent, brand forms complete and classical business plan, its value depends on:

1• patent: Multinomial and own invention is patent, many series is original product, aim at market business chance closely;

2• brand: Have day delicacy solely to match, Long Hu is fought, Buddha jumps wall, pig registered trade mark of the home such as 8 give up, international;

3• culture: Invite customer accepting delicate while, still sampling a wonderful and beautiful culture story;

4• characteristic: Have " the world the first delicacy " food of the series meal food of technical culture concept, city carry out, dressing; Have a person with brand-new sensory tea, water, coke, wine kind gust beverage is waited a moment.

5• business chance: Master competition ability of core of own intellectual property, the product came true technology, brand, culture, characteristic harmonious at a suit, make every product gets protection of patent, brand, and every product and brand are including a beautiful culture story again. Infinite market business chance, hold the post of you to do do by force big.

2, project brief introduction: Food is every day demand, one-time the product that consume, market old product lacks innovation. This project belongs to industry of food of current our country own intellectual property contains one of items with the richest Troy, include 6 to feed category to achieve a gender to invent patent formerly, patent date 02131712, 200410038992, 200410063061, 200410039523 wait, have a lot of technology is laid in and can innovate continuously ability. Food of among them flesh, fish, invention originality results from = of Chinese fish sheep " bright " the enigma material of the culture of the word, belong to " the world the first delicacy " food author, ad saying is: "Day delicacy distributes food, delicacies of every kind is made " . Apply extensively at be like meal dish kind food, recreational, quick frozen food, dressing, convenient food kind; If other patent is gallinaceous essence, beverage, convenient model soak cooked rice in soup or water, congee kind food, the product has local color alone, culture content is high, personality is distinct.

3, the day delicacy that the project registers matchs, Long Hu is fought, Buddha jumps wall, pig the brand such as 8 give up, it is our country to count chiliad civilization to deduce ability to feed literary quotation of deduction culture of a few food, its culture effect and no less than general well-known logo, characteristic of recombine patent technology, the technical culture content of the product has achieved perfection in food industry, the product is add the cost is high, because run domestic and international big market solely, developing prospect cannot be estimated. Food is divided outside be being consumed as the life, still existing to chase after beg newly different and entertain guests give sb a present " feeling is consumed " the market, because this is in this project, you might as well roll out a few kinds of very costly high-grade goods, high spending group or gens of give sb a present will surely as if one find out treasure; Also can produce the bout such as a few chiliad more " bright " word concept food, invite masses customer also one full the luck to eat sth delicious; Still have, the tea of the mouthfeel like a series of former juice gust, jelly, water, coke, wine kind beverage, its can be drunk can suck can shake dissolve is rare the use function that change, have wide market perspective.
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