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New city of water of Ou Bin of economy of Shenyang coastal waters enrols busines
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One, new city of water of Shenyang close seaside is located in area of economy of Shenyang coastal waters mid, program area 12.4 square kilometer,

The advantage of development:

1, area advantage: Downtown of Shenyang of the city that be apart from a mother 45 kilometers, shenyang having capital Shenyang of freeway, the Qin Dynasty freeway, the Shenyang that is future western contemporary zoology appropriate occupies deputy town.

2, resource is high grade: Land is had to develop cost inside region of new the city zone the advantage such as advantage of inferior, traffic.

New city of close seaside water is Shenyang western the main component of industrial corridor, area of coastal waters economy did not come to the core of contemporary service line of business and ground of person house treasure, shenyang western " the city of innovation, city of culture, bank the city of water, recreational city.

According to " second development, intensive uses scientific program, ladder the ground, scroll develops " principle and the concept of management city, come true basically to 2012 " unripe too city " strategic goal requirement. close seaside water new city is made for the function all ready, establishment is perfected, environment the Shenyang with beautiful, delightful zoology heart of be placed in the middle of the administration western, finance, trade, education, person.

Contemporary service line of business uses the land:

1, can exhibit a center

2, area of hotel business affairs

3, recreational entertainment division

4, retail shopping center

5, area of integrated business affairs

6, always make the school 9 years

2, new city of close seaside water explains each with ground index

The plot area that plans to hang out one's shingle 296. 89 mus. It is respectively:

1, area of plot of Home Ma shack 61. 37 mus, already group hall needs a province land resource batch. The Shang Youyin in this plot brushs factory, plastic plant, 2 benefit to build car plant 3 enterprises did not remove.

2, prepare for war levee of Lu Beipu river checks curved plot area 112.79 mus, this plot is did not use land, must deal with first ask for the ground.

3, to the south of storehouse of bureau of a Lu Yina, irrigation works plot area 122. 73 mus, among them, one part is state-owned land (include plant of tarred brown paper) , one part uses the land for village collect, need to tear open change.

4, plan to hang out one's shingle plot area 546. 73 mus (grand development agreement picks card lot) , already group roll report office of province land natural resources to wait for batch.

5, coiling 8 years in air plan, group plot area 541.71 mus (administrative center and circumjacent plot) .

6, draft 453.38 mus 8 years to declare area of air plan plot.


1, area advantage.

2, traffic is convenient.

3, resourceful.

4, the industry is solid.
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