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Authority of mining of mine of bone coal of bay of flood dragon of the county th
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Suffer entrust my company to draft pair of Lin Li authority of mining of mine of bone coal of bay of prefectural flood dragon undertakes vendue.

Mine of bone coal of bay of flood dragon of the county that face Li is located in north of the county that face Li on the west, canton delimits county of subject Lin Li repairs a plum to press down gallinaceous village. Mining power license date: 4307000630100. Mine thing is wide 170 ~ 220m, north and south grows 900m, area 0.18 Km2. Coordinate of mine country manage is the east longitude 110 ° 32 ′ 111 ° of 30 ″ ~ 45 ″ of 32 ′ 29 ° of north latitude 31 ′ 29 ° of 45 ″ ~ 14 ″ of 32 ′ , mine is proximate prefectural class highway, with the country G207 join, be apart from 17km of the county that face Li, be apart from Xiu Mei to press down 11km, traffic is very convenient, its mine bound connects group to become by 6 inflection point, each bits of rectangular coordinates is:

X=3268100 Y=37552750 of ② of ① X=3268100 Y=37552575

X=3268400 Y=37552800 of ④ of ③ X=3268400 Y=37552750

X=3269000 Y=37552575 of ⑥ of ⑤ X=3269000 Y=37552800

Exploitation elevation (plan) : 150 meters of ~ 60 meters.

This mining area is developed by perambulate of mineral products of Hunan Province geology bureau 403 begin sift geology to work, referred " Hunan Province faces Li county to repair reserves of natural resources of ore of bone coal of Mei Zhenjiao bay to report " . This mining area retains resource reserves is (122b) nine hundred and fifty-five thousand two hundred tons. Stoping rate is pressed 60% plan, mine beforehand recoverable reserves five hundred and seventy-three thousand one hundred tons.