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Yellow hill travel develops new project
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Weather of old state city travels limited company is this city exclusive home is provincial be engaged in travel scene area developing a company. Have part and this city and project of yellow hill branch

The project sends a package external

Project of old state city has: The project such as Ma Houge, Xu Wangling

Project of yellow hill city has: Project of the too smooth temple that allow a country. Send a package external.

Project of project of the too smooth temple that allow a country expresses inhaling county of yellow hill city

1, Yu Fodian (budgetary capital 3.1 million yuan)

2, nursing home -- the cafes that abandon element (budgetary capital 5.6 million yuan)

3, big Xiong Baodian (budgetary capital 6 million yuan)

4, Cang Jingge (budgetary capital 5.6 million yuan)

5, big Xiong Baodian slants hall (budgetary capital 1.5 million yuan)

6, office building (budgetary capital 2.6 million yuan)

7, scene area road, afforest (budgetary capital 6.5 million yuan)

8, Gudawei is repaired (budgetary capital 1.2 million yuan)