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The Gansu Province builds power plant project
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The Gansu Province builds power plant project

Project type: Enrol business project

Place province: The Gansu Province

Be in an area: China booth county

Project name: Build power plant project

What belong to an industry: Source of igneous electric energy

Investment amount: Wait for calm

Cooperative means: Solely invested, joint-stock, cooperate

Project brief introduction:

Project unit survey: China booth element has Gansu east " coal city porcelain is pressed down " say, reserves of mining area coal 3.37 billion tons, hold complete province already 40.2% of ascertain coal reserves, it is 13 keys of countrywide base yield coal, northwest one of 3 large mining area yield coal, also be coal of the Gansu Province, report, change, the core area that carries integrated industry develops unifinication. China booth coal is had " 3 tall 3 low " (tall volatile, tall chemical active, high calorific volume, low ash, low sulfur, low phosphor) good quality, it is excellent motive force, aerification and chemical industry use coal. Mining area has of all kinds mine 22 pairs (among them: Group of trade of China booth coal 6 pairs, inc. of report of China booth coal 4 pairs, the county belongs to colliery of villages and towns 9 pairs, different county mine 3 pairs) , have power plant of 270 thousand kilowatt, 50 thousand kilowatt each 1, 600 thousand tons / year coal controls construction of methanol project start working. Produced raw coal 2006 forteen million one hundred and fifty-four thousand nine hundred tons, generate electricity 320 million degrees.

Market analysis and forecast: Electric power is the fundamental industry of national economy, develop as the abidance of national economy, electric power inadequacy already was become finality. Build this project, can alleviate the pressure with in short supply electric power, project, can enjoy a country relevant and favourable policy, and raw material is rich, generate electricity cost is low, online sale of surplus electric power has stronger competition ability, power market prospect is very hopeful.

Build content: Basis of power plant installed capacity invests honest case to decide.

Market economic benefits analyses: Invest in-house yield: Tax rate of 12% investment interest makes an appointment with 10 ―: 7% investment pay back period: Make an appointment with 12-15 year
Remarks information: Enrol business condition: Have foundation and investment: Establishment and the condition such as land, water, report, traffic, favourable policy; Foreign and devoted: Bankroll, equipment, technology.

Enrol business chance compose: Government of people of county of Hua Ting of the Gansu Province is stationed in Shenzhen agency