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Low of whole of mansion of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale of time
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Low of whole of mansion of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale of time of China of east wind of area of Guangzhou core business affairs is made over

Project area: Whole total floor area 45 thousand square metre

Index of project technology parameter: (it is about unit measurement with land bureau finally accurate)

With ground area: 3800 ㎡

Floor area: 45 thousand ㎡

Among them: Area of 1) office building: 34 thousand ㎡ (every about 1000 ㎡)

2) bazaar area: 6200 ㎡ (every about 2094 ㎡)

Area of 3) parking lot: 4900 ㎡ (every about 900 ㎡)

Make over amount: 95 million yuan of 300 million RMBs (9500 yuan / square metre) make over the price to include 100% equity, reach all capital fund, trade means undertakes in Hong Kong.

Project utility: Have the office building of first class standard at present, edifice head layer is mixed for old hall bazaar, 2 are bazaar at present, can suggest to be office building, can suggest to be office building, center of health care of hack hotel, dining-room, function of business affairs activity. Other standard layer 7 to 20 layer upon layer for office building. Hotel

Economy forecasts: Business mansion is managed to rent, predict to exceed income of 63.32 million yuan of hire every year, annual redound is made an appointment with 15.83% , and a huge sum that year after year increases by degrees rents accrual, to current investor character, it is an inviting yield, believing investor is eye acumen, judicious personage, so estimation sells a year, with the rapiddest rate, the shortest time completes the sale of 100% above, capital of rapid steam again solves a problem to should blame a trouble, the proposal stays oneself manage, sit collect rent.