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Guilin promotes Anling canal Gu Zhenjian to set a project to enrol business
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Guilin promotes Anling canal ancient town to build

The project enrols business book

Guilin promotes Anling canal Gu Zhenjian to set a project

One, project name: Guilin promotes Anling canal ancient town

Have the aid of is clever canal north canal more than 2000 years of histories, restore the historical culture ancient dorp of boreal canal two sides, shipping form makes scene, the tradition irrigates the green hill green water of scene and two sides, construction has Ming Qingjian to build a style, collect travel, recreational, trade at an organic whole, have the details of rich history culture, ancient garrison post that has extremely tall travel to view and admire value.

2, project situation:

Guilin promotes Anling canal Gu Zhenjian to establish project position: The east longitude 27 ′ of 110 ° 110 ° of 08 ″ ~ 09 ″ of 41 ′ , north latitude 36 ′ of 25 ° 25 ° of 01 ″ ~ between 08 ″ of 53 ′ , be located in city of Guilin of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to promote install county town Dong Lingqu boreal canal two side, belong to semi-tropical monsoon climate, year rainfall is in 1600 - between 2200mm, year average air temperature 17.8 ℃ , the four seasons is trenchant, climate is delightful.

3, the project develops a dominant position:

1, area advantage: Allow the home that how is Jiang Ershui of Hunan river Li, "Hunan laurel corridor " cross to southwest from northeast, the acropolis that how promoting is famous city of Guilin international travel and travel second center, be apart from city of Guilin of international travel famous city only 57 kilometers, be apart from two rivers International Airport 75 kilometers, the country 322 lines whole area of vertical follow in a continuous line of A road and Hunan laurel railroad, as the building that promotes a freeway completely, promote Anling canal ancient town to need right-and-left time 20 minutes only to Guilin from freeway mouth. Boreal canal ancient town is inside county program area, infrastructure is perfect, the travel scene area such as garden of monument to revolutionary martyrs of river of as recreational as market of spirit canal, water, Qin Cheng, happy full ground world, Hunan photograph adjacent.

2, development environment advantage: How is promoting a culture famous city that has 2000 old and long histories, promoted 1984 install a county to already was labelled " countrywide travel first class opens to the outside world county " , be " 10 great charm famous cities of Chinese " , " Guangxi economy grows 10 beautiful county " , " county of countrywide afforest model " , " countrywide zoology demonstrative county " change with Guangxi town set an example integratedly county.

2, travel resource advantage: Promote source of the idle fund that bring force to abound, have be known as " with echo of photograph of Great Wall north and south, the marvellous spectacle that is the world together " on the world the oldest and artificial canal -- spirit canal, have market " the danger of the deep and remote, Mount Hua of hill of the hero of the father-in-law, yellow Shan Zhixiu, cottage " Huanadi one height " cat hill " ; Have the market of water of town of the Qin Dynasty that has romantic charm of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty alone; The Red Army breaks through the garden of monument to revolutionary martyrs of Hunan river; Have so-called " Oriental Disinile field " Guilin is happy completely recreational world; The project of numinous recreational travel of village of culture of hotel having market, seaborne, hot spring, folk-custom; Have the century glacier big cave of classic of nature uncanny workmanship; Still have relics of city of the Qin Dynasty, ancient severe close wait for famous places and historical sites. Substantial travel natural resources is attracting the about a hundred domestic and international tourist of 10 thousand every year to come this sightseeing, promote the tourism that energy provides most in how already becoming Guilin big travel to encircle second center.
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