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100 mus of estate develop county of Hua Ting of the Gansu Province project
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100 mus of estate develop county of Hua Ting of the Gansu Province project

Project type: Enrol business project

Place province: The Gansu Province

Be in an area: China booth county

Project name: 100 mus of estate develop county of Hua Ting of the Gansu Province project

What belong to an industry: Estate development

Investment amount: Wait for calm

Develop way: Solely invested, joint-stock, cooperate

Project brief introduction:

Detailed data:

One, county of fundamental condition Hua Ting is located in Shan Ganning 3 provinces are handed in collect place, be located in on the west (how) orchid (city) silver-colored (plain) the central section that economy heads. Entire county administer 5 towns development of an a 5 countryside, street agency, industry, gross area 1183 square kilometer, total population 175 thousand person. Rich collect of resource of churchyard mineral products, it is 13 base of countrywide yield coal, northwest one of key area of 3 large mining area yield coal and development of industry of cable of coal of Gansu Province the eastpart part. Lukewarm embellish of China booth climate, belong to loess plateau upland gully area does climate of Wen Run sex, year average air temperature 7.9 ℃ , year all rainfall 607 millimeter, average height above sea level 1300 meters, xia Mo intense heat of summer, the winter does not have severe cold, year total runoff measures 183 million stere. Hua Ting makes aperient triumph, infrastructure is perfect. Be apart from salty in relief airport 290 kilometers, be apart from Lanzhou 395 kilometers, the railroad in treasure traverses churchyard. 2 provincial road are main inside and outside of 90 kilometers join, extend in all directions of highway of prefectural home village or town. Communication of post and telecommunications develops, realized domestic international number to dial directly to be enclothed without aperture with entire county of mobile communication signal. Stop by 2006, GDP achieves 2.065 billion yuan; Income of large requirements finance 446 million yuan, among them local finance income 141 million yuan; Local fixed assets invests 1.376 billion yuan; Capital attraction amount 960 million yuan; Town dweller can control income 7600 yuan; Net income of farmer average per capita 2206 yuan, people living standard rises apparently, economic integration actual strength increases ceaselessly.

2, project case this project develops a project for estate. 1, protocol optional location is in a county on the west side, belong to entire county on the west enlarge area. This area geology is favorable, without the mineral resources that press Fu. Plan to make an appointment with many mus 100 with ground area, boreal adjacent appearance continent highway and developing zone, river of Na Lin 汭, , xi Linlian spends lake park and center of prefectural administration office, dong Lindong all the way, already completed 3 one smooth project. This area communication is easy, on the west the highroad, east 2, on the west ave be well versed in and this. 2, to improve my county further investment climate, expand open, strengthen cooperate with external economy, my county was made " Hua Ting county policy of capital attraction privilege " , affirmatory " investor undertakes linking a development to land, the fixed number of year of sell one's own things that acquires land access with means of sell one's own things is: The residence uses the land 70 years, industrial land 50 years, commerce, service uses the land 40 years. Its land access can be made over lawfully inside term of service, rental, guaranty or become a shareholder, land access expires, can apply for lawfully outspread. " to this second negotiate development project, classics county government approves article hind, just gain land access by investment with means of sell one's own things, prefectural land bureau issue land proof lawfully. After construction project project approving, optional location is examined and approve, by the county program bureau examine and verify is allotted " one card two books " , namely " book of construction project opinion " , " licence of construction project program " , " construction uses ground permit " . According to " one card two books " , project approving file and design are normative, by the county construction bureau examines design document (construction pursues) , mix by attributive examine limits, put forward and demonstrate fire control, aseismatic, people's air defense, establishment of form a complete set, environmental protection is examined. Hind file of classics construction project (construction pursues) after business is examined, the nucleus is sent " graph of construction project construction examines instrument of ratification " . According to " Hua Ting county policy of capital attraction privilege " , my county is executed to capital attraction project special the thing does especially, as soon as possible is dealt with, provide favorable investment climate and excellent service for travelling merchant. 3, the bank that my county has project credit to support has in travel, labour travel, Construction Bank, Agriculture Bank and rural credit agency 5, periphery has class of I, II to build construction finite liability company 27.
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