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Derv of methanol gasoline methanol is brought endowment
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Development of institute of the sources of energy of chemical industry of star of family of long arrowroot city builds material of project of derv of methanol gasoline, methanol

One, company brief introduction

Institute of the sources of energy of chemical industry of star of family of city of Henan governor arrowroot is located in the city zone of long arrowroot city, it is the unit of civilian battalion scientific research that gets Henan to save certificate of technical trade qualification. This place technology force is abundant, have Master researcher, senior engineer, engineer and professional technology personnel 10, be engaged in the sources of energy developing a technology development and use already amounted to more than 20 years. The series product that my place develops development successfully, since derv of methanol gasoline, methanol left a lab 1984 oneself, pass countless times debug move and a few entering that what the market comes a few years all sorts of car use a proof continuously: Quality of its technology index, product all exceeds a country product of active benzine, derv, can replace oil natural resources completely.

2, the necessity that the project builds

The sources of energy is the fountainhead of the power that national economy expands and lifeblood, also be the base of goods and materials that has main strategy place at the same time. Reach those who provide modernization of socialism with Chinese feature to be advanced in the round continuously as the rapid development of current world the industrial revolution especially, comprehensive national power increases ceaselessly, urban and rural difference is progressively and narrow, people living standard rises increasingly, especially after our country joins WTO, the diesel locomotive in a steady stream of the homebred, joint-stock production that all sorts of doing sth unconventional or unorthodox, entrance ceaselessly afflux home market, in pull move economic growth, improve urban and rural condition. Spiritual civilization, politics is stimulative material civilization, civilized, enhance international prestige while, more and more give to people caution austere and pressing real problem: Oil natural resources has dried up day surely as the limited one-time main energy resources in industry, dead end when.

3, project technology general situation

The JCC of the methanol gasoline of the M15 that uses the raw material development such as methanol, M50, model such as M100 and development, 0, JCC, - 10, JCC, - the 20 methanol derv that wait for model are me do not have lead one kind of original creation of institute of the sources of energy of chemical industry of star of family of long arrowroot city. Its have vaporization latent capacity big, combustion rate is rapid, rare light ability strong, natural temperature is high, it is good to fight cruel function, octane number is advanced characteristic. It can replace petrifaction benzine, diesel oil completely, below the condition that need not improve engine, can apply to diesel locomotive of benzine, derv and concerned enginery boiler, cooking range extensively, it is sex of the market momentum sex, sex that start, security, environmental protection, energy-saving sex, economy for an organic whole, remarkable good Yu Shi changes benzine, diesel oil have a when cannot replace an advantage new technology, new positive result. It not only fill home is blank, and still achieved international advanced level.
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