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Hotel of border of triumphant letter world decorates adornment project
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Project address: Shaanxi visits district of city of Yu forest mayor south paragraph

One, project general situation:

Yu Lin Fukai believes world border to invest management (group) the mansion of border of triumphant letter world that limited company investment builds is condition of a high end, much trade, compound model edifice, among them 7 to hotel of border of world of 15 triumphant letters (provisional name) project, decorate adornment project to design project of plan, construction to face the whole nation to undertake publicity invite public bidding with respect to the building of this project now. Specific arrangements announcement is as follows:

This project project builds gross area to be 21000 square metre, lose to be subterranean parking lot among them, 7-8 layer plans construction to become the meal public house with Yu forest highest class, 9-15 plans to build public house of class of business affairs star, because this project is designed, decorate must reach a nation hotel of 4 stars class checks and accept a standard.

2, engineering design decorates main item:

1, devise plan

Hotel whole decorates a design (include plan design, construction graph design) , the total planar blueprint that achievement contains each floor, the face stands to build fluoroscopy of day of scene, night scene outside establishing face, profile, public house room of graph of effect graph, public house is big clairvoyant effect, bag is clairvoyant the effect pursues, muti_function hall fluoroscopy the effect pursues, the building plans to design total specification, function;

2, construction project

Build inside and outside decorate adornment engineering construction, include:

1, the range establishs outside the hotel;

2, the public house is big;

3, the hotel includes a house;

4, hotel size banqueting hall, assembly room;

5, adornment of hotel toilet, corridor, metope;

6, hotel power cable takes a system;

7, between hotel operation.

3, bidder aptitude requirement:

Classics of the every outside churchyard is registered legally and have corporate organization, have the aptitude that accords with with project demand bearing (qualification) design contractor all can sign up.

1, enterprise of independent legal person; Register capital to should be in 10 million yuan of above.

2, have the one level that decorates design and construction aptitude to decorate an enterprise.

3, have the construction unit that decorate hotel outstanding achievement and reachs admirable project preferential.

4, eligible of classics aptitude prejudication is selected unit.