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Downtown of division of cease of 100 strong counties builds business affairs bui
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What belong to an industry: Meal recreation >> accommodation course of studyWhat belong to a column: Business affairs servesProject scope: 5 million the followingPlace area: Henan visits town of division of Luoyang city ceaseDefine: Business affairs of triumphant luck of cease division ·Project brief introduction Cease division is located in Henan to visit center-west region, gross area 960 square kilometer, total population 850 thousand, it is to save 10 first well-off to amount to mark county completely (city) , also be the complete province with affirmatory government of provincial Party committee, province 26 town change development key county (city) , county of 35 enlarge authority (city) open to the outside world with the 2nd batch key county (city) one of, house of economic integration actual strength saves front row completely. 2007, whole town achieves area total output value 27 billion yuan, grow 14.2% , among them the first, 2, 3 industries increase a value to achieve 23.4 respectively 100 million yuan, 176.2 100 million yuan, 70.4 100 million yuan, of 3 industries than by on year 25.9 adjusts 9.2 ∶ 64.9 ∶ for 8.7 ∶ 65.3 ∶ 26; Finance is general budgetary receipts nine hundred and one million six hundred and ninety thousand yuan, grow 24.5% ; Whole society fixed assets invests 7 billion yuan, grow 30% ; 63.1 of social consumable total volume of retail sales 100 million yuan, grow 17% ; Town dweller average per capita can be controlled receive 11148 yuan, grow 14.9% ; Net income of farmer average per capita 6030 yuan, grow 16% . In economy of region of county of the 8th whole nation basic competition ability is evaluated in, relatively reach of previous term or session 3 seating arrangement, rank the whole nation the 68th. Project of business affairs of triumphant luck of cease division · presses down estate company to develop construction by the area just outside a city gate of cease division town, be located in a sector of an area of cease division downtown, building of mark of 12 distinctive L ground reveals exalted quality. Project Dong Linhuai is new road, 3 annulus of Nantong road, square of an ancient name for China is received on the west, north faces road of an ancient name for China, guard old the city zone, new the city zone, main road is handed in collect place, the merchant inside area gathers, population is concentrated, belong to the business affairs important place that one shop demands hard. Form a complete set of commerce of project all around liaison man of all ready, commerce is convenience, atmosphere of region business affairs is mature. Area advantage: Two sides of business affairs of triumphant luck of cease division · faces a road, road of an ancient name for China is line of urban traffic main force, pagoda tree new way is perforative old the city zone and new the city zone, advantage of a sector of an area is unique. Intercity bus, public transportation platform is namely before the door, long-distance liaison man is reached inside city all convenient unobstructed.
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