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Center of guidance of expert of the university entrance exam of art of Beijing s
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What belong to an industry: Culture sports >>Culture art line of business
What belong to a column: The representative joins in
Project scope: Do not be restricted
Place area: Beijing prosperous makes the same score an area
Acting object, condition
1, the university entrance exam of art of district of city of countrywide each province grooms unit, atelier. (the university entrance exam grooms orgnaization collaboration has advantaged market resource advantage to have an expert naturally to teach resource; Increase the authority of education and actual strength in the round, regard new profit as the point of growth, the student is little, not the redound of profit of high specified number that education creates industry of art the university entrance exam likewise)
2, the unit that is engaged in outside school education and culture managing.
3, social all circles has keep in mind at doing poineering work personage.
4, the representative just answers this project relevant content has sufficient understanding to reach approbate.
5, the representative just should have relevant sale experience and certain industry resource.
6, succedaneum should offer lawful management proof
Project advantage and benefit redound
1, authoritative, powerful expert group natural resources is abiding the safeguard that runs get one's own back of as high as creation specified number.
2, enjoy our region market solely to gain profit resource; Market blank; The throughout the country is only; Without competition.
3, investment is small, redound is tall. Common tall examinee of this year's art also is in 3 class city above of 5 1000 people, want 30 more than person only can disinvestment this, be equivalent to only common groom the recruit students forehead of an one semester. By place the tall examinee of this year's art of 2% participates in guidance, year net income will be in 200 thousand yuan of above.
4, the form is agile, the operation is handy. Headquarters offers detailed market to develop plan, want 1-2 person only, directional conduct propaganda, accept seek advice, sign up collect fees, the job that leave is finished by headquarters.
5, throw namely, yield namely. Annual 1 to countrywide art major took an exam March, before taking an examination of, coming from summer vacation is this year's examinee centers training to for reference level, also be the concentration that seeks guidance period.
Other and detailed circumstance consults company website or phone are contacted please