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Travel activity organizes a website
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What belong to an industry: IT corresponds >> IT correspondsWhat belong to a column: Internet projectProject scope: 5 million the followingPlace area: Jiangxi saves auspicious to install city blueness former divisionDefine:

Our website releases travel resource, activity information to release organization, travel relevant commodity trades conformity of platform, community platform is together, meaning raising user faithfulness to spend, a batch of faithfulness spend assemble taller client group, going up somehow thereby achieve " control is consumed " purpose.

The website has built a success now, network address:

It is normal that the search engine such as Baidu, Gu Ge is collected. Flow has been had first.

Hope to be perfected further, roll out a website, develop an activity.

Ask you to watch our website carefully first, if be interested, contact us, discuss cooperative matters concerned.