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Shanghai some company seeks strategic partner
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What belong to an industry: Manufacturing industry >>Project machine
What belong to a column: The representative joins in
Project scope: Do not be restricted
Place area: Shanghai
Shanghai some company held water in April 2005, repose in climate delightful, the seaside town with recreational travel: Shanghai gives virtuous division. Scope of operations has: Does  of palm of ⒖ of mansion of  of arsine of  of  of clear enough  change Piao of  of buy of aether of  of ⑺ of float of  uncut jade to defeat Jian to take phenol of  of  of old  of  of D carapace Ang to promote Piao of  of  aether buy to defeat Jie to retreat  of palm of  Guan silk to consider yo of exhaust of wholesale  sauce?
Company development and controller of force of manufacturing water pump pressure have 9 products to provide the market at present, own 10 multinomial patent independently. The company has production to design controller of water pump pressure to produce per year a quantity to make an appointment with 100 thousand to cover, production value the ability of 10 million. The controller of water pump pressure that the company produces has 2/3 to export the Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Wukelan, nation such as Austria, 1/3 product sells past home; Have the opportunity that note model 2, product line 3, detect facility is complete. Passed ISO9001:2 of British SGS company 7 yearsAttestation of 000 quality system and TUV attestation.

The company just is developed 3 years recently and produce compressor of double screw air, already was developed at present and produce a wind cold, water-cooling, frequency conversion is energy-saving wait for 3 old series in all 36 products provide the market. The double screw air that the company produces compressor and photograph of person of the same trade are lower than having noise, safeguard convenient, human nature to change degree of tall characteristic, got an user extensive reputably with favour. Company technology force is abundant, have introduce from large state-owend enterprise the senior engineer that pursues design of compressor of double screw air technically 30 years and introduce service engineer to reach from enterprise of famous foreign capital introduce those who have experience to assemble technician from the person of the same trade. Have data of complete team design blueprint and technological process. The markets team and each district of many whole nations continuously agent that still has a stability additionally. The company has production compressor of double screw air is covered 1000 times every year, production value the ability of 300 million. 7 years the company obtained pneumatics machine to produce licence. Period of efficacy comes: 212 years October. Also passed ISO9001:2 of British SGS company 7 yearsAttestation of 000 quality system.

Because the country is stringent,shrink at present, company circulating fund is not worth badly, do strong bottleneck greatly with becoming an enterprise to do. Face a society to seek strategic partner now (share, accuse, or whole is bought) , create wealth jointly, obtain double win. If have what intent cooperates, the welcome dials connection of the following phone, phone: 13957684018, contact: Mr Yuan
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