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The yoghurt that amount to snow sincere move whole nation joins in representativ
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What belong to an industry: Technical project >>Food drink
What belong to a column: The representative joins in, equipment trades, patent technology, business affairs serves
Project scope: Do not be restricted
Place area: Henan visits area of Zhengzhou city Central Plains
The yoghurt that amount to snow brew now sell yoghurt now, have yoghurt of fresh fruit bead, conserve yoghurt, sweet beans yoghurt, jelly yoghurt, nutlet yoghurt, ice-cream yoghurt, yoghurt suckles former times, yoghurt fruit is scooped up, yoghurt fountain. Sheet tastes profit 70% above, give jelly at the same time, hamburger, potato piece, gallinaceous willow, the making technology of tea with milk, variety is rich. Heat of the four seasons sells, investment dimensions goes to 14800 yuan 7800 yuan, the company is in charge of imparting technology, deserve freely to send equipment appliance and practice raw material. Annual interest embellish goes to 100 thousand yuan 50 thousand yuan. Countrywide action joins in business, agent.