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Xx is pressed down " incubate is brought phoenix " do work to do - of strong act
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Come this year, xx presses down capital attraction to work in the area appoint, of the relevant section such as the right leader of district government and bureau of district court trade support energetically below, annual introduces an item in all 17, finish bring endowment the task 71.02 million yuan, 101.5% what take year of job, among them foreign capital 1.3 million dollar, 100% what take the job; Introduce industrial item 14, capital 54.25 million yuan, 110.7% what take the job.

This town works capital attraction to be caught as working Chongzhongzhi again from beginning to end, established action business technically to do for this, division of labor of 3 team member is in charge of grabbing capital attraction job. Fulfilled system of job responsibility, the information that right control is executed dog system of job responsibility, fulfilled responsibility person to the project of settle, accomplish each information and project to the leader is in charge of. In the meantime, established capital attraction to reward fund: Right by the village appoint the meeting is new introduce a fixed assets the project outside the area of 1 million yuan of above, award gives a village secretary of a Party or League branch, village appoint conference chairman each 1000 yuan; Be like the project to 1 million yuan of above that introduce by the town, village appoint cooperate actively, make ask for the ground, earth to build wait for working success, travelling merchant is relatively satisfactory, award gives village secretary of a Party or League branch, director each 500 yuan. Particularly outstanding to enrolling business success, give heavy award again. To make the outside understands Xx, make Xx moves toward the outside, raise Xx famous degree, establish Xx new form, this town and postal branch cooperate, made the favourable policy that presses down capital attraction and advantage requirement envelope, greeting card, wide publicize to send out.

This town adjusts the train of thought that enrol business actively still, rely on 3 large dominant positions to enrol business energetically. It is to rely on situation to begin action trade. Perforative Xx presses down railroad of Xx highway, Xx completely, entrance of Xx high speed is apart from this to press down 1.5 kilometers only, should press down especially border with the city zone, the ground dates along conterminous, popularity, culture is interlinked. This town uses all sorts of means active and actively to take the lead in conforming to it, make full use of the element such as traffic advantage, strengthen cooperation, promoted this to press down industrial economy to develop quickly. 2 it is to rely on Xx to begin action trade. Hold price of Xx power supply closely inferior, resourceful wait for an advantage, strengthen connection and communicate, attracted settle of a batch of projects to should be pressed down. 3 it is to rely on Xx industry platform to begin action trade. This town asks for the ground in Xx industry platform this year 300 mus, cooperate actively to had done Xx2 × gangue of 50 thousand kilowatt generates electricity construction of project of project, works of industrial platform water, transformer substation project, the help resolves the difficulty that encounters in project construction, make industrial platform connect water electrify as soon as possible. The model of the ball round project that invests 10 million yuan at present, self-invited water meter that invests 5 million yuan builds a project to negotiating in, strive for platform of settle Xx industry. In the meantime, to become vivid capital attraction this article, this town still is used negotiate the meeting, advantage that produces outer and successful public figure, build project warehouse, enrol business with business, master information to run the form such as the project begins action trade energetically, obtained better result.
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