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Our country gets the shadow part of the day of planned economy system, take everything into one's own hands of executive authority of cause of experience of capital attraction work, consequently capital attraction and lawfully administration produced close connection. Capital attraction whether go on wheels and fruitful, the key depends on an executive authority whether be being accomplished when capital attraction lawfully administration.
One, lawfully the administrative requirement to capital attraction

The executive authority is the organization that implements a political power on behalf of the country lawfully, consequently it made legal impact with the country above all, the executive authority counterpoises on behalf of national exercise administration, enjoy condition of administrative actor beneficial, administration has obedience and harmonious executive authority to carry out superintended obligation relative to the person, in the meantime, administration has supervisory executive authority relative to the person lawfully administration and the right that are applied for to relieve when enroach on in rights and interests, the executive authority has lawfully administration, protection administration adds up to right beneficial not to suffer enroach on relative to the person duty.

When capital attraction, the travel political power of the executive authority basically reflects in two phase:

The first phase is: Before introducing foreign capital, the executive authority organizes capital attraction activity directly, make bring endowment favourable policy and the authority that allow foreign capital to enter, basically administrative standard counterpoises to allow right with administration.

The 2nd phase is: The executive authority after introducing foreign capital invests an enterprise to implement superintended power to the foreign trader, basically administration punishs authority and administrative jurisdiction.

Department of administrative standard authority points to the influence that the executive authority is made and announces administrative standard, advocate if be made to improve investment climate simplify the normative sex policy that administration examines and approve formalities, bring to accelerate endowment pace and a series of urges a foreign trader to invest directly policy that make, the executive authority organizes capital attraction activity to need to fulfil the decision of funds and personnel to wait a moment.

For example, the State Council is made < the announcement that imports equipment taxation policy about adjusting > , Zhejiang province government is made < invest a certain number of announcements of a certain number of policy directly about encouraging a foreign trader > etc. Administrative standard authority behaves the abstract administration action that is an executive authority, as to these abstract administration action lawful, few somebody raises question.

Department of administrative license authority shows the executive authority allows opposite person undertakes serving as certainly with nonfeasance, of the file such as report of the project proposal book that examines and approve mechanism the most typically to draft investment to create a company to investor namely, feasibility, contract, constitution examine with approval.
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