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The foreign trader invests an enterprise of check endowment risk be on guard -
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[Keyword] the foreign trader invests an enterprise; Check endowment risk; Be on guard
[Summary] the foreign trader invests an enterprise check endowment compares domestic company check endowment demand is high, the risk is big. Be on guard and dissolve a foreign trader to invest an enterprise the way of check endowment risk.

As China reform and open strength are increased, socioeconomy and legal environment produced tremendous change, need registers accountant to undertake the domain of check endowment expands ceaselessly, check endowment professional work is intricate with each passing day. Especially after our country joins WTO, the foreign trader comes to our country invest to increase increasingly, the foreign trader invests an enterprise check endowment compares domestic company check endowment demand is high, the risk is big. Accordingly, want cogent the produce the expected result that enhances pair of foreign traders to invest an enterprise endowment the job, improve quality of check endowment business, be on guard and dissolve check endowment venture.

One, program of strict careful test

Check endowment risk is the loss that registers accountant to issue check endowment to the report is put in impertinent opinion and may be brought and harm. Register accountant to answer check endowment risk to assume responsibility of corresponding administration, economy, law. Mix for avoid dissolve a foreign trader to invest an enterprise check endowment risk, register accountant to carry out a foreign trader to invest an enterprise check endowment business, except carry out " announcement of independent audit solid Wu check of the 1st 棗 endowment " , " China registers accountant hold industry standard guideline check of the 3rd 棗 endowment (try out) " outside formulary program, still ought to according to the circumstance, execute order of check of the following careful strictly:

(one) foreign and contributive person with foreign currency contributive, the foreign currency that registers accountant to ought to check a foreign trader to invest an enterprise registers card, the capital gold account that assigns approve of ministry of branch, exchange control in order to decide whether foreign currency is collected each into bureau of classics state exchange control, open an account to this account bank case card. Investment fund collects a foreign trader to invest the bank account that the enterprise opens outside the condition directly, whether is the examination obtained register the ground the approval of exchange control branch.

(2) foreign and contributive person with objective contributive, register accountant to ought to get import content customs declaration above all, whether does examination objective originate outside the condition. In addition, register accountant to still need to do the following work: According to check announcement of endowment fact Wu and relevant law set, the requirement is evaluated in asset about the regulation according to the country, value appraisal or with contributive person careful test has on decided foundation. To be on guard effectively check endowment risk, should implement the following program: 1, register accountant in be engaged in objective asset giving course of endowment careful check, when involving asset to evaluate an issue, should comply with " does a huge legendary turtle of ぷ of night of  of rice of  of specific standard 椑 punish independent audit does  of Fa of  a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct bar frowzily persimmon of hand of goblet of numerous Q of  of billows Mao  does  of hey of υ of analyse of cave of Yi of handsome W ⒉ bar Chinese alligator of late  hook kowtows frowzily mire assorted  bars hot ǜ Gui? . To the careful check with objective asset authenticity and attributive property right, register accountant to should be opposite to the spot personally objective asset has prison dish, confirm the existence of objective asset. Register accountant to should get evidence independently, prove whether the property right that drafts contributive objective asset belongs contributive person, do not get pure basis to evaluate a report to reach careful check conclusion. The objective asset that transfers formalities to having notting handle money property right is contributive, except opinion of check endowment report paragraph hind add a specification paragraph outside, still should produce power move formalities to handle time in formulary money inside, the requirement is referred to accountant office by careful check unit the proof that already dealt with money property right to change procedures, the equipment details of a case that is counterpoised to change procedures by worth of careful check unit to card of concerned department letter besides.
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