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The foreign trader invests heat to already turned to the sources of energy and -
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Newest statistic shows Department of Commerce, 500 have the world by force China of many 450 settle, among them headquarters of 30 many domestic general area is migratory also went to China. The foreign trader comes China the heat domain of investment changes Wu of energy industry kimono to course of study by inchoate manufacturing industry, comparative in future long inside, foreign investment still favors service line of business. Analytic personage points out, after entering a life, transfer period the threshold that lowered Chinese market further, growth of service trade market compares a dominant position, these elements will enhance China to be brought in the world endowment the competition ability of the market.   

"The biggest factor that attracts Woermalaihua to develop is the prospect that Chinese economy grows, china is annual 8% increase rate to the economy of 9% , the retail market that population of 1.3 billion consumption makes, these numbers cannot not make us enchanted. " the controller of ministry of public relations of headquarters of Wo Erma China expresses, the income that Chinese consumer increases increasingly, demand and consumptive level are the main reason that attracts Woerma.  

Relevant controller disclosed Department of Commerce a few days ago, china is making a series of policy that urge a foreign trader to invest an enterprise to establish center of research and development, guide a foreign trader to invest domain of new and high technology, build a plant to ministry of Chinese and Western and investment of the area northeast, encourage what foreign capital enlists state-owned company to reorganization with transform.  

The analysis points out Xing Houyuan of researcher of academy of collaboration of economy of international trade of Department of Commerce, china is editing and perfect a series of foreign traders to invest policy, include to perfect what carried out 2000 further among them " the announcement that establishs center of research and development to concern an issue about foreign investment " , perfect and implement the taxation policy that foreign place pays close attention to, etc. Afore-mentioned new policy will improve foreign investment climate further, reduce management cost, with more the environment with good profit attracts a foreign trader to come China investment.   

Xing Houyuan says, come China the world 500 strong invest the heat of attention the domain already the manufacturing industry with inchoate by, change the energy industry of the last few years and service job. She predicts, long period of time comparatives after be in inside, serving industry is a foreign trader as before be in China the domain that invests a favour.  

Afore-mentioned controller disclose Wo Erma, marching in the process of Chinese market, they drew lessons from themselves to be in from Chinese indigenous industry China the valuable experience of development, shop for instance the adoption of the bus, consider the feasibility condition with not high popularity rate of Chinese family company, pass the study of pair of home supermarkets, improved Woerma's service.  
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