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Take the - of a few detail of good move business seriously
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Zhao Zong is a joy " fellow " , smiling all the day. But, this day sees him, a bit abnormal, appear a bit grouchy, "Zhao Shiwei laugh " also " desert " disappeared sign. Sat to drink cup tea, "The truth " become known -- it is him dot issue gave inside the company -- the boss that Zhao Zong is company of water heater of a solar energy, through effort of nearly 3 years, the technology already got comprehensive promotion, product quality had written down " the canto with new of short duration " , but, the sale still goes up without promotion, one of the directest expression are channel construction still is in " small tribe " level, zhao Zong also passes hammer and tongs to this, 10 thousand yuan about a hundred capital flower went out, all method had been used, but the effect that enrols business still is so " goodish " , let Zhao Zong be at a loss. Such-and-such, which can be still thought of purposely " the face brings a smile " !

The circumstance of the job that enrol business of anatomize Zhao head office, discovery enrols the trade data, advertisement that enrol business, exhibit market of director of conference action business, district to develop wait a respect a moment to be done, but do not quite deep, copy is like like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply -- the form that did action business only, and did not do " class " , the content that enrols business work namely is not rich, quality did not go up, specious, cause the effect that enrol business finally not beautiful.

This also is enterprise of a lot of solar energy and enterprise of blame solar energy the mistake that makes in middling of the process that enrol business. Enrolling business is affection of an important matter, every respect should have been done, make quality come, make a level come, what develop the figure of the actual strength that gives a company and dimensions, brand and advantage, product adequately is advanced be opposite with high grade, enterprise of agency take seriously etc. In fact, had done these detail, make agency true approbate this enterprise and this brand, action business succeeded almost half, even the company still can go with captious eye the agency that look upon is about to join in, choose to have the agency of actual strength and be identical of management concept photograph most thereby, realize the development with rapidder enterprise.

Enrol the circumstance of business with Zhao head office, a few detail enrolling business that will talk about an enterprise to enrol business to should have taken seriously.

One, the data that enrol business

The data enrolling business of Zhao head office is exceeding " economic " , an album of paintings enrolling business that is a 12P, actually this an album of paintings that enrol business is manual of a product, company brief introduction and place of the policy that enrol business occupy layout to be 2P only, of the others, what discharge entirely is thickly dotted product picture. In addition, design and presswork quality is bad also.
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