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Capital attraction: Is arrival father? -
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A lot of places especially impoverished area, regard capital attraction as the Chongzhongzhi that the government works is heavy, not hesitate the force of one ground searchs bend the boss will invest. Whether is but come,the person of investment wealthy businessman gigantic merchant? This is in with respect to need action business in the midst of pressing affairs pie-eyed. County of Guangxi phoenix hill is county of national level poverty, their capital attraction drew " multimillionaire " come round to invest run a plant, the county leads support of your kind effort, much even second company, but was cheated finally...

Common saying says a whoever suckles me is my mother, phoenix hill county is in capital attraction and did not eat a milk, but did not affect them to regard arrival as however father. Be them to capital attraction mix blindly actuation, be cheated finally one. Although the government does not cheat this money, however the government cannot take off implication absolutely. Use up affection of be in charge to had gone 8 years, but still make a person thoughtful.

Capital attraction wants business to come not only endowment to, should consider more whether bring profit to place, include finance income, masses income, environment to whether get protective. And phoenix hill county appears in capital attraction everything " special the thing does especially " , arrival is father, it is good to should come only, did not draw an interrogation in the heart at all. Cheater is admittedly abhorrent, but to cheater not is fortify the fault of cheater?

Is Wei Xu Wen true will invest? He resembles Guangdong boss, is there those who come two bankbooks invest namely really in his hand? Such words, such boss is too good searched. The leaders of phoenix hill county are without suspicion not only, still helping cheat of article of Wei brilliance of the rising sun deceive people. The author can'ts help wanting to ask, the leader of phoenix hill county so mental retardation? We often say the heart that kills a person cannot have, but the heart that prevents a person cannot be not had. If the leaders of phoenix hill county many heart, the leader that worries phoenix hill county like Wei Xu Wenzhuo is good like cheating, also make an investigation to Wei Xu Wen, with respect to the schemes and intrigues of Xu Wen of Wei of meeting get behind. However, the leaders of phoenix hill county believe Wei Xu Wen too, so that was cheated, still helping him count money.

We cannot be denied, the leader of a poor county is bad to become, not hesitate all capital attraction also can understand. But, impatient be unable to get something to eat heats up bean curd. Like Feng Shan the county ases if so the capital attraction that is without heart, do not say to be deceived 100 percent, be afraid fooled probability also is in 889% . Such leadership, masses can serve certainly " lack heart " public praise. Such leadership, who can believe they have lead level, go to again severe reiteration, be like this leader, how to rise be in office ability?
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