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The old-fashioned concept that enrol business should change changed -
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World bank announced a few days ago " governmental processing, investment climate and harmonious society: The promotion of competition ability of 120 cities of Chinese " although have some of controversy, but still compare rational look upon on the whole. Some cities are like the local media of big talk city to begin to think over.

The information of world bank is classics and national information center together to China 120 cities after twelve thousand four hundred enterprise undertakes investigating, make in all. Basically be to understand each city to be mixed to foreign capital inside endowment the investment appeal of the enterprise, in the center 8% it is a state-owend enterprise, 64% to be not a state-owend enterprise, 28% it is a foreign enterprise. The result is, foreign capital company invests first selection Dongguan to China, second choosing is Shenzhen, inside endowment Beijing of enterprise criterion first selection. From which we can see:

Culture of ground predestined relationship is the main factor that attracts foreign capital no longer. Edward · fred graceful (Edward Friedman) ever did a quite open to question demonstration, say: Go up objectively, there is the tendency of bureaucratism in Chinese northward culture, and southern commerce atmosphere is some more grumous. The report of world bank also thinks, chinese various places with southeast investment climate the idealest, include Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong. Inside endowment the enterprise hopes to because this apt goes to Beijing developing,gain governmental sth used to one's own advantage, and foreign capital enterprise is more set out to choose to develop in southeast ministry of course from dinkum commercial angle. This sets some be identical with afore-mentioned holidays it seems that.

But also have a lot of counterexample. Area of annulus Bohai Sea, include Shandong, Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei, foreign capital is remained to cast in afore-mentioned reports to the 2nd choice. And Anhui, Shanxi is in the 3rd echelon formation. And wind and cloud of Zha of the Zha on the history that badge business, advance business ever was in China. And in reporting, performance of southern big talk city is very average also. Inside endowment the penult that the enterprise ranks 120 cities to the evaluation of efficiency of big talk municipal government. Hainan university an associate professor thinks, recreation and viatic pay are this high the ethos that problem and big talk had formed is concerned, hainan company works formed recreation and the ethos that handle affairs to be united in wedlock, commercial act is non-standard.

Accordingly, the method that this kind of north and south differentiates is unreasonable. The author's viewpoint is, culture of ground predestined relationship is not any more restrict variable apparently, and the culture that forms below system supply is aggravating to investing an influence. Fujian and Jiangsu photograph are compared, can see apparently now, elder brother hill is the district that the mainland can draw stage endowment most. Besides the vicinity with Shanghai, elder brother hill gives the Taiwan businessman's biggest gain to depend on elder brother hill present system supply is the client directs model, is not governmental dominant model. Accordingly, the culture atmosphere that local place forms also is the health that is dominant with elder brother drama, assiduous business culture. Accordingly, it is the Taiwan businessman still has the businessman of other area and country to also come not only this investment. The circumstance of Dongguan and this is similar.
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