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The exceeds national pay to cause negative effect that gives foreign capital to introduce foreign capital already was highlighted come out, we must adjust relevant policy. December 11, 2006 is China joins WTO (World Trade Organization) day of 5 years. According to WTO regulation, one country should execute uniform policy, equality to treat to domestic and international enterprise. But actually, the foreign capital enterprise that to be in at present home invests still is executing our country to exceed national salary variously. The core that exceeds national salary is all sorts of taxation derate, also include to operating level place to give at the same time all sorts of special take care of. Undeniable, the encouragement that comes for years uses foreign capital policy, to our country countryman economy grows and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rises smoothly had main stimulative effect. But, as open model economic development develops, to foreign capital special take care of the twist that makes a kind of policy gradually, the negative effect of this kind of screwy generation also is shown stage by stage. Face these negative effect, we must undertake correct and be adjustmented. The 5 big screwy   of foreign capital policy are current, our country uses the twist on foreign capital policy, national policy proclaimed in writing sets, also have various government furtive acceptance and direct expression come out, although degree and method differ somewhat, but its type basically has the following 5 kinds: It is taxation privilege. Taxation tilts to what the foreign trader invests an enterprise in " exceed national salary " in performance is most outstanding, include among them: (one) tax rate is inferior. According to " foreign investment company and law of foreign enterprise income tax " , basic tax rate is the foreign investment company of productivity 24% , other part industry is only 15% or 10% , and inside endowment basic tax rate is the enterprise 33% . (2) derate privilege. Foreign investment company is mixed in productivity, the sources of energy and infrastructure and high-tech the investment of advanced technique domain, enjoy " two avoid 3 halve " , " 5 avoid 5 halve " , deadline of income tax privilege is lengthened wait for favourable policy. Foreign investor invests the profit of the enterprise to undertake reinvest can enjoy the privilege of income tax drawback with the foreign trader, equipment of for private use of entrance of foreign investment company is avoided impose custom duty. (3) should ratal calculation method is advantageous to the foreign enterprise. Expenses of pay of worker of entertainment expenses of expenses of bad Zhang preparation, interest, business, company and welfare defray, and before donating the fee tax such as defray, deduct, the regulation of duty Wu processing of the depreciation fixed number of year to fixed assets and dividend are duty-free, make investment company tax loses the foreign trader to be reduced further. According to relevant statistic, is the foreign enterprise in is the actual scot 2005 about 11% ? 13% , and inside endowment the actual scot of the enterprise is 25% the left and right sides. 2 it is land privilege. The way that each district government attracts foreign investor with land is endless and same, basically have: (one) land of low sell one's own things and derate hire. Certain place sets, one-time to the foreign trader investment the manufacturing treatment of above of 30 million dollar project, use state-owned land 100 mus of less than avoid wind up ground to use fee. Be in some areas, outside having key ground to be opposite even, business investment company is executed " 0 price " policy. (2) gold of land sell one's own things is returned return policy. If some city sets, by gold of land sell one's own things authority is belonged to, spend by investment by the finance that be the same as class reach capital to reach the designated position scale returns gold of sell one's own things of land of corresponding still scale, till sum is returned,return. (3) become a shareholder land with state-owned form convert into money. Normally rate of convert into money is in 30% the left and right sides, land of partial area acceptance is folded those who form is state-owned share out bonus is not participated in inside 5 years, investor can be bought by original price. According to investigation, on price defray, foreign capital is retail the company is smaller than the half of domestic company, other industry is roughly such also. 3 it is finance gives aid to. The area is divided in countrywide greater part, finance gave to foreign investment company exceed inside endowment the policy with very much business tilts, include: (one) finance allowance. If some places set, the foreign trader that encourages industry and project to invest in government invests an enterprise, the local government of the income tax of the pay inside 3 years since the day from gain, value added tax shares a part, by be benefited finance sum gives allowance. (2) special funds gives aid to. If set somewhere, do fixed assets newly to invest a project to achieve 10 million yuan, belong to project of new and high science and technology or sale to be in the existing enterprise of 5 million yuan of above, inside 5 years since the day that begins pay taxes from this enterprise, give the company revenue that is equivalent to company place pay this city by finance stay into the part the amount of 100% develops special allowance as industry technology. (3) finance assures loan. Invest an enterprise to specific foreign trader, acceptance is assured by credence of medium and small businesses the center is first offer assure, finance gives most the loan pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange that is as high as 50% . (4) charge derate. The administrative career sex that masters power to make decisions as local government collects fees, collect fees with what etc can intervene project, each district invests an enterprise to implement the derate of the oldest rate and favourable policy to the foreign trader. 4 it is special provision kind. According to relevant provision, the foreign trader invests an enterprise to enjoy a few privileges that other company place does not have, although these prerogatives cannot produce direct economic benefits, but manage for its production however offerred huge advantage. Be like a few developing zones of our country, free tax zone, situation is advantageous, management condition is good, each policy is more loose, but these local majority allow foreign capital enterprise to enter only; In respect of foreign currency control, foreign investment company is in open an account, use the respect such as external debt to have unlike inside endowment the special policy of the enterprise. 5 it is special service kind. Because use the how much as direct as the achievement in one's post of various government couple of foreign capital, the service level of business investment company outside making branch of various local government right and service efficiency want far outclass inside endowment enterprise. Anyhow, although our country has joined WTO, but be in hard below the impulse of achievement in one's post of keep within limits, to drive capital attraction, all sorts of exceeds national salary favourable policy that each district invests to the foreign trader " big fight " still continueing. The evil consequence   of twist of foreign capital policy is in as a result of branch of various local government subjective and go up objectively to have strong preference to foreign capital, its screwy state of mind and policy, produced negative effect to whole socioeconomy: Above all, foreign capital internally asset was born very big squeeze an effect. The foreign trader invests what the enterprise enjoys to exceed national pay to make its invest with operation cost greatly under domestic congener company, gain is apparent company of prep above home. This makes foreign investment company has actual strength to execute low cost dilate in our country, buy through low, the method such as low sale is hit pressure elbow out domestic company. According to relevant section statistic, chinese foreign trader invests directly 70% processing the trade such as manufacturing industry and estate centrally. Content of technology of this kind of industry is not high, also compare into introductory cage low, below the circumstance with domestic relatively at present bounteous fund, also be the industry that many folk capital is happy to enter, but foreign capital exceeds national salary by right of its, have in competition first machine. Advantage of policy of foreign capital nip internally endowment the enterprise was formed " squeeze an effect " , make inside endowment the enterprise has not participate in market competition, be defeated was in on the scratch line. Next, inside endowment company foreign capital is changed. Foreign capital is enjoyed in domestic management activity " duty loses light, privilege to conform to the principle of simplicity from wide, formalities " etc exceed national salary, internally endowment flow direction produced unreasonable guiding, make flee to other country of an one's duty endowment, with " foreign capital " the identity sheds a home afresh, enjoy taxation privilege. Special end company is created outside condition of civilian battalion company currently, the financing outside telling pass through the territory of a country and return invest, these enterprises can undertake foreign capital is registered, enjoy treatment of revenue of foreign capital company. According to not complete count, 2006 first half of the year, the partner of enterprise of many 170 civilian battalion of countrywide creates company of many 290 special end outside the condition, plan collect 5.2 billion dollar, via business affairs branch approval return invests 720 million dollar. In fact, a few more current inside endowment the enterprise is gotten " profit " best method, undertake namely " joint-stock " or try every means becomes " foreign capital " , because the tax rate difference of enterprise of endowment of inside and outside is even taller than the average profit margin of some industries. The 3rd, cause capital seize a chance to seek private gain, bring about false foreign capital, return to invest a large number of occurrence. In a large number of favourable policy ecbolic below, "False foreign capital " , " the holiday is joint-stock " " return invests " the phenomenon increases ceaselessly. It is to cause finance income to decrease so with public interest loss. False foreign capital is brought about in the center of decrease with local taxation, land is approved hire income a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year, increased industry economy to run cost artificially, it is with sacrifice country and public interest are cost character actually, exchange political interest of the small number of people and economic interest. 2 it is false foreign capital can cause a series of foreign currency illegal activity, be like transitional capital flight, illegal foreign currency trades etc, go against financial stability. 3 be while through building false implementation in churchyard capital foreign capital is changed, also established the lawful channel of many when changeover of foreign currency situation flee to other country beforehand, added not affirmatory element evenly to balance of payments thereby. 4 it is false foreign capital makes use data of foreign capital statistic many and lack fidelity, misdirect is macroscopical economy is decision-making. The 4th, capital project foreign currency is much favourable balance, bring about balance of payments lopsided. Use the rapid growth of the twist of foreign capital policy and foreign capital, make a large number of favourable balance appear below project of our country capital. The favourable balance of capital project is direct also aggravate the rapid growth of foreign exchange reserve. By October 2006, national foreign exchange reserve already broke through -727379968 dollars, exceed Japan to rank the world the first. The foreign exchange reserve of a huge sum forces central bank to increase fundamental money to put in, weakened central bank badly of policy of macroscopical adjusting control carry out effectively. Of foreign capital a large number of swarming into, also brought to the RMB bigger appreciate pressure. What these give our country countryman economy is dovish move bring bigger hidden trouble. Correcting the path   of foreign capital policy to introduce foreign capital is a Shuang Renjian. Foreign capital flows into inadequacy of fund of can compensatory country, introduce advanced management concept and technology, promote the formation of Chinese market economy and development. However, be opposite currently the exceeds national pay to cause negative effect of foreign capital already was highlighted come out, we must adjust relevant policy: Above all, unite the taxation of enterprise of China and foreign countries. The country should build business of China and foreign countries to invest the income tax system with centralized enterprise as soon as possible, unite the legal basis of plan duty and tax rate, build fair revenue environment. But those who consider policy is successional the earnest sex with legal laws and regulations, of enterprise of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals exceed national salary, in tax system will still be after course inside certain period reservation and existence. Accordingly, suggest new tax law uses new old company to distinguish treatment way. The company of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that before be being executed to new tax system, creates is OK still the old policy that continue to use goes, past acceptance and signed agreement should continue to be carried out expire; To a few what after carrying out, establish is promulgate to attribute new and high skill in new tax law domain or other can enterprise of blank of fill country industry, perhaps urge the company that investment area creates in the country, the country will still carry out taxation derate privilege to this part enterprise through making the way of indulgence catalog; Restrict kind of industry, project to should give in new tax law to the country clear, apply taxation lever to undertake limitative. Next, change the behaviour of governmental intervention market. The government must be finished in capital attraction " good target " , it is the main reason of environment of market of inequity of company of investment of the foreign trader in generation. Accordingly, the government should hold the fixed position of the oneself below good market economy, the person that become the maintenance of market regulation is not Hun. Answer to cancel what the foreign trader invests an enterprise to exceed national salary as soon as possible, change local government will be brought endowment the way that examines a basis as achievement in one's post, create the market environment of fair competition. In the meantime, the government should put working emphasis in strengthen management, normative foreign capital is introduced on. In capital attraction process, from pay attention to " the capacity is much " to pay attention to " qualitative actor " change, from bring with favourable policy endowment mode to bring those representing capital with perfect investment climate to development. The 3rd, increase superintendency strength, guide correctly through what policy shift strengthens pair of foreign capital to flow into and manage scientificly. It is perfect money market and investment financing system, dredge financing channel, stimulative deposit is changed to investment channel, because financing is difficult,avoid and bring blindly endowment unreasonable capital configures a state. 2 it is to push reform of system of interest rate, exchange rate, strengthen the harmony between policy of this foreign currency interest rate, interest rate policy and exchange rate policy, adjusting control of lever of sufficient play value steps the action that area sth used to one's own advantage flows. 3 it is exchange control of investment of farther perfect foreign trader. Flow into good investment fund register and col of management of settlement of exchange, the capital with contributive person and abhorrent remitter flows into key monitoring; Strengthen what flow to to the RMB after capital gold settlement of exchange to dog examination, severe blow foreign trader invests the illegal behavior such as gold of capital of enterprise arbitrage earmark. 4 it is to build real time to cross area sth used to one's own advantage to flow into pour out of the system that monitor, capital of close attention foreign currency flows into change, enhance the effectiveness that foreign currency income and expenses manages. Finally, look from international experience, market economy country is centered in all sorts of issue area mostly to the regional privilege of foreign capital, wait like backward area, flat area. Since reforming and opening, the regional favourable policy that China implements to foreign capital is apropos and contrary, main in the past concentration is in develop relatively, the area of the eastpart part with rapid growth. From 20 centuries since 90 time, although this kind of regional favourable policy that tilts to the eastpart part has relatively about-face, but at present area of the eastpart part is in the privilege that open to the outside world and uses foreign capital respect to be obtained actually still wants outclass center-west region. The foreign capital policy that its are a country as a result is on older rate aggravate the amplification of area difference trend. Coordinate development to promote region economy, must adopt to thing ministry currently use foreign capital policy differently, raise area of the eastpart part to use the threshold of foreign capital on one hand, to the west to capital of the eastpart part on the other hand move gives pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange of credit, taxation, finance, land to supply the privilege that waits for a respect, guide foreign capital actively to cast to ministry of Chinese and Western and northeast area.

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