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Conspire " to grow difficult - of trigonometry " how greatly
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Early put forward a few years to build with respect to somebody " long triangle " 16 cities economic integration; Put forward to come from the angle that builds economic system of catchment of the Yangtse River again now compose is built " big long triangle " economic area, limits Xiang Xiyan is extended to the Huang Shan, Tian Zhushan, big mountain chain that fasten hill, belt of city of Jiangchen of the area of whole river the Huaihe River that includes Hefei inside, Anhui and North Jiangsu area. These idea are very reasonable, the person of approve of is very much also, but be an armchair strategist is easy, it is very difficult that real operation rises. About " long triangle " 16 cities economic integration, I once put forward 7 be concerned about: -- does the industry plan how to be made? Because of interest dominant, everybody thinks development is burgeoning, of technology intensive, the industry with additional high cost, for instance medicine of photoelectricity information, biology, car is made etc, and was in 3 ground of Shanghai of river short for Zhejiang Province to had appeared in fact the situation with industrial similar structure, contend for capital, contend for the market, contend for a project already inevitable, how to do? -- how is market admittance policy united? Capital attraction is the significant move that each city accelerates economy to develop, attract foreign capital for more ground (point to the capital besides this city and project) , each city publishs a lot of policy eagerly; Some even if in same city, also because of of area piece different and policy is different. Who can change these appearances? -- how is industrial catenary formed reach reasonable and efficient? Be in current world, cooperating with division of labour is the efficient way that any industries develop quickly. The advantage of each cities needs conformity, is not to be battle severally. Need forms formation industrial chain, with period with inferior cost, exchange relative to taller efficiency. Who has this force to undertake intercity industry is linked? -- how is local camp eliminated? Local protectionism is a kind of objective existence, although each district has keenly felt pain to this, the malpractice of the protectionism of circumstance enumerate place with also can be in certain, however, should removing local barrier is how hardship. Of taxation how many, the change of statistical number is waited a moment, real issue closes a variety of crucial point, who is willing to let go easily? -- does infrastructure repeat construction who will check? Ning Bo has harbor of boreal logical sequence, shanghai is in harbor of deep water of the hill that build ocean, jiangsu already was built, there are about a hundred in the berth of 10 thousand tons of class that build and plans construction. The repetition of haven is built already special much, but who to have to had considered to check, adjust? Still have the construction of the establishment such as the airport, road, bridge, what by who consider equitable distribution, movement from area economic integration is efficient? -- how is administration united? Of canton region different, create the difference on administration necessarily, this differentia different includes to handle affairs the content that program, administration examines and approve and process. In the business that such armour city is OK doing, to second the city cannot do likewise however; Certain thing does to need not be examined and approve in third city, and cannot not do through examining and approve however in Ding Cheng. A variety of difference on administration, brought very big inconvenience to the collaboration that crosses a city and the flow of all sorts of element, some even block up the flow of element. -- how is district culture allowed? Delta of the Yangtse River 15 cities are the Gu Cheng with long history mostly, having the idea idea of bright district culture, forceful district characteristic, different humanitarian setting, difference, if all these cannot be allowed quite, so economic integration comes true very hard. Should make look of look of culture of district of delta of the Yangtse River, several years of short time can not do be afraid. Even " long triangle " 16 cities economic integration materiality of it doesn't matter makes progress, compose of prep let alone is built " big long triangle " economic area. Below existing region system, "Long triangle " deepness cooperates to undertake very hard between the city, the force of the market appears too weak. Not external force, conspire " big long triangle " how is difficult!

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