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Enrol the knowledge - of business
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Do sale to seek advice 6 years, the outstanding achievement that can get the client is approbated most is " action business " , negotiate with bosses burst is most also is action business. It is below the dialog that often encounters or communicate: "Ceng Jiao is awarded hello; I am XX company. Hear you are good at at enrolling business, want to be consulted to you so " ; "Not dare, thank attention. " " hear XX company orders goods this can encircle 4000 much, are you engineered? " " where, our adviser group just did some of program and auxiliary work " ; "We give you faster deduct a percentage from a sum of money, whether also help us introduce some of dealer? Not 40 million enrol 4 million also go, we give you 10% deduct a percentage from a sum of money " ; My nerve begins short circuit: "What meaning? Don't you know where the agency of your industry needs us to introduce? This solves very easily, the professional handler inside the industry to this industry which city has what celebrity, what agency, be know sth like the palm of one's hand " ; "Why doesn't our business personnel enrol business? Manager people it is side cheater, took my salary, poor travelling expenses, hate to part with the sheet below the old client that invites them however " ; "If manager people it is general and difficult to not be willing to introduce old client or enrol business, the likelihood is issue of ability of company move business, be like product, mode, or transfer pattern. " " the issue that I do not consider to discuss these empty with you. I perform real deeds, flat say, you help me organize action business, give you how many money " . "That says again with respect to sometime " . "88 " . Often produce this to plant two people say to oneself, does not understand whose dialog or communicate; Difference often is changed hard, it is till the boss in the job that enrol business bad news light is all resource; The ground of advisory use force also decreases greatly. Chicken tells with duck: "Action business " what is the meaning we think, in enrolling business nonexistent " agency information " problem, what basically exist is " agency value creation, value is delivered, value matchs " problem; Because do not know where agency is,enrolling business is not, do not know how to should choose however with persuade. (1) the core ability that does not have basis company and development direction, undertake to agency " value is evaluated " " value is classified " , " value matchs " ; Differ in thousands ways of phase of resource of goal of the investor intent of the company, management guiding principle, strategy, strategy, development, company " safe circle place is walked into to need lowermost channel resource inside the industry " with " the channel resource that manages need of company goal place " each are not identical, of the company " channel develops the strategy " different; To the choice standard of agency, spend to the heavy visual range of not congener agency, to the service force of different agency, appeal, the choice of cooperative mode, innovation, not identical. So, the state of mind that enrols business is incorrect (not be to be based on resource to match an advantage complementary create each other with value however one-way sale) , specific aim is not strong (what you can serve most is as mutual as what you need most match) , conviction is insufficient, business personnel setback is much; (2) the clarity of lack of the ability that enrol business of the enterprise is stated systematically. The concentration of all ability with existing enterprise of since of the ability that enrol business is behaved, also be business development blue print reflect; The enterprise tastes sale ability in product sheet (technology, research and development, production) , product combination force joins motive force (the product is engineered) , brand force, service force (ability of mode of capital, talent, organization structure, performance, government) , mode force (, how elevate a firm further " channel appeal force " , of the enterprise " channel competition ability develops the strategy " what be, convey should clearly come out, understanding of personnel of facilitating action business, apply. (3) the systematization that lacks action business grooms industry too eager to be successful that one sees only the immediate advantage, think invite applications for a job " have client resource " business personnel is OK leave out grooms this link; Before the personnel that enrol business sets out, want to make clear this company strategy intent; Enterprise layout ministry or advisory group should design standardization to cover a road to blend in mode of natural resources of style of business of strategic intent basis, strategic principle and company, resource the job that enrol business and the channel in the future are managed, make the business team of strategy of oneself of the rightest company; Want a company from " resource output " transition is " ability competition " , thereby the lair of battle of capable to cast off price war, sales promotion, from " resource uses up a gender to compete " change is " value creation competition " . (4) right transmission combination attempts to use TV medium advertisement, industry to enrol trade advertisement to attract dealer, successful rate is lower and lower; Personnel of a few business is carrying invite applications for a job on the back the product flies all over the sky, or sit in the office to do " phone sale " , successful rate is lower and lower also; Action business also needs " integrated sale travels " , if analyse a company advanced cooperative mode or deliver investor morality form " action business flexible language " , enrol the elaborate scheme of business meeting and organization, etc. So, enrolling business is a systematic project. The activity of business of systematic tool action that enrols business can be regarded as by " text " " tool " compositive frame; The outstanding achievement that enrol business basically is thought out in the office, next just business personnel runs; Chinese enterprise enrols the great majority of business to fail, as a result of,be " carrying out again " : Take an actor seriously to despise a play, take seriously " get right on the job " despise a plan. Successful action businessman cannot leave: (1) " company strategy locates " : Action business wants " straight this theme " ; But the theme should not be the amount that enrol business, and should be the strategy fixed position place needs crucial resource; The Qian Zaiduo that does not accord with the strategy to locate also cannot want----Ate carefully to be returned so that spit come; The channel resource that accords with strategic fixed position must be striven for; So-called strategy fixed position basically is; What is our target consumption crowd, we want to become these target customer in what life why to plant element, we are right all " interest relative " of poor dissimilation " value advocates " with " value acceptance " ; Resource of our strategic goal, strategy, management style and guiding principle; The ultimate goal that company strategy locates is to make the enterprise becomes a leader---It is safe at least person. Every industry has consumer mental view medium " standard product " , " consult product " : The sexual value that consumer judges new product for rule with this product is compared economical, whether content is worth somewhat. New product value is bit cheaper, consumer pays close attention to the quality of the product; New product value is bit more expensive, consumer pays close attention to the reason with new more expensive product; Enter consumer level product to consult product " safe circle " product, can not depend on advertisement, sales promotion and sell well for a long time; The product is entered " standard product " , " consult product " " safe circle " , can cast off resource to spend sexual competition; Whether is the product entered " standard product " , " consult product " " safe circle " , the outstanding, trademark that depends on a product impossibly entirely is well-known degree wait; Channel quality is a decisive element---A lot of in countrywide market impact not old product is in certain area is however " standard product " , " consult product " , " safe circle product " , the reason depends on channel quality. (2) " strategy of resource of business medium of communication " : According to company strategy goal, evaluate an enterprise to have resource, study what the company needs the weight with respective resource successfully, implementation " difference of partner value measure is changed " ; Originality " difference of mode of partner poor dissimilation, collaboration is changed " the cooperative mode of integrated channel and social natural resources; Must the stock that specific aim develops and kit draw together " the agency data-base that value classifies " " product sale force evaluates a model " " region market product assembles a model " " channel member assembles a model " " brand force evaluates a model " " agency region manages investment manual " " enrol business; Channel member emerges in endlessly, sell business except traditional agency, agent, cent besides, emerge again at present reveal development business, big sell supply chain plan and purchase the burgeoning member such as business of agent, investment; Manufacturer also was rolled out " joint-stock model area branch " , " agency becomes a shareholder manufacturer headquarters " , " agency builds brand, manufacturer to measure a body oneself custom-built " , " agency offers client natural resources, manufacturer to accredit professional handler group " wait for a variety of collaboration mode, have a lot of successful case; We can strap with division spy " value evaluates a tool " for the basis, with " resource " " ability " " apiration " wait for index to evaluate the agency, model that builds channel member value to evaluate, the unused resource in discovering channel at any time, value twist resource, value by the resource of overmeasure; Be different agency formulate " optimal profit pattern " ; Again basis company strategy, reach both sides the most advantageous " region market management strategy and cooperative plan " . (3) " business medium of communication serves force strategy " : The enterprise serves the strategy of the 5 big crucial essential factor of force, include: " strategy of product sale force " " region market product sets the strategy " " how build channel appeal strength with the brand " " the organization that enrol business plans " , " mode innovation strategy " wait; The 5 thumb mark of company service force also should be established " match the strategy " ; Because carry what high yield character is measured or improve personnel quality and fail,a lot of enterprises are; Either it is not important to say technology, talent, mechanism to wait, say however, cannot go after blindly " advanced " " best " ; The most important is to match; Otherwise, technical progress may affect cost competition ability, personnel quality raises a likelihood to bring about executive force to drop----(4) the plan that enrol business: Of ability of our channel service, mode deliver. The advertisement that enrol business (enrol business flexible language especially, want a system to elaborate investor intent, ideal, the company enrols business ability system; (5) plan of the conference that enrol business: Theme, atmosphere, style the fixed position that wait; Conference setting stock, decorate; Conference program is arranged; Technology attending the meeting kind the organization that expert of expert, consumer association leadership, sale waits; The product is released, policy is released, sale concept grooms, the detail of specific policy communicates area the elaborate scheme of 4 large segment; , the objective setting of the conference that enrol business, information is delivered, beforehand of client of design of Training Within Industry, stock, key is communicated, the organization of the conference devises plan; (6) " this project invests agency manual " : Accept action business to be equal to accept a new project, should get of course " investment manual " or " commercial specification " . From now on, enrolling business is the business that single individual of the member that enrol a businessman can have done no longer. Also be one does not have the technical content, business that can have done by right of personal feeling, capacity for liquor or ability of other public relations no longer.

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