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Capital attraction cannot depend on " to go regular "-
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" new China daily telecommunications " article of close daily newspaper, announced a few local government to be in the process of capital attraction, card of tousle honor citizen, and give honorary citizen certain privilege, violate the rules and regulations of for example traffic does not grant to punish, in recreation consumptive place does not accept the undesirable phenomenon such as inspection of public security office. This is a kind of model overdraw governmental credit, the behavior of administrative power privately give and privately accept. The market economy of western country is to build the market economy on citizen society foundation, each citizen regards him a be the equality in market economy impact, they talk things over through freedom, realize the exchange of right obligation. Different estate is in through respective political organization legislature argy-bargy, form the code of conduct that abides by jointly. So, in process of development of economy of western nation market, law is a society common bond, each person includes governmental official to must be abided by self-consciously. Appear impossibly in these countries governmental do sth without authorization revises regulation, gift the phenomenon of certain person prerogative. And be in our country, market economy is the economy below governmental dominant runs a mechanism. Government not only carry out market economy, and the competition that makes market economy is regular. Such reform mode was destined government to expand market economy, inevitable meeting revises regulation, in order to satisfy the need of investor. Accordingly, go up from the surface in light of, a few local government gift for capital attraction foreign prerogative, it is a kind of lawbreaking behavior, but the historical setting that develops from Chinese market economy will analyse, people can discover, this is the inevitable phenomenon that Chinese market economy grows, it is the immanent and logistic demand that Chinese market economy grows. So, if do not change Chinese market economy to develop pattern, turn into the market economy of governmental dominant as soon as possible real market economy, so, this kind of phenomenon still can happen ceaselessly. To investor, if can pass contract negotiation, revise certain regulation to perhaps draft advantageous to oneself regulation, so, they accept such result gladly of course. If governmental official by force of all sorts of pressure, amended the agreement that course of study already reached, depend on go regulation will drive capital attraction, so, local government can face credit crisis. Because this can conclude, apparently illegal capital attraction document can abolish, but each privilege that foreign investor enjoys in actual life still can exist possibly, apparently regulation is priggish, but what the investor that the part gets local government shelters painstakingly enjoys is to go however regular. Accordingly, while change market economy grows pattern, if change the moving regulation of market economy only, and disregard etc, so, investor forces governmental official to revise regulation with respect to the economic dominant position that can use his, perhaps use oneself economic influence, let governmental official make the code of conduct that is helpful for his, go namely regular. Common ground says, investor is to use monetary purchase local government establishs regular authority, if the influence of local government does not suffer abstemious, so, although local government cancelled the file of all sorts of prerogative sexes, but the influence in still can using him hand, offer all sorts of advantage for investor. In other words, apparently illegal agreement cancelled, but still can confer investor all sorts of privileges stealthily. The logic of market economy is simple, we were criticized in the past " market economy imperialism " , actually, want to build the market economy of dominant of market main body only, enact legislation regularly authority comes from the recapture in governmental official hand, so, market economy can grow in order. Conversely, if did not value administrative power, so, regular meeting development makes market economy " influential officials is capitalist " . So, the key of our country legislation will be put in respect of tie administration power henceforth, prevent governmental official to revise regulation, gift casually investor with the prerogative, build to be opposite all investor, and even the market environment to all citizen treat equally without discrimination.

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