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Enrol the - of 15 class step of business successfully
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Action business, saying substantially is the process of integrated society natural resources in company sale job, can lend force creation through enrolling business or recombine sale channel, build the market. It is right between the enterprise that enrol business and agency of resource recombine and attemper. Someone says, action business has 3 your work to use: Capital of fast steam again; Establish sale network quickly; Send the product quickly touch terminal. Pretty good, but one of result expression that this is successful action business merely, we see unsuccessful enrols the tremendous and negative effect that business brings to in the future management.

Enrolling business is the first time sale of the enterprise. And this sale often is deciding in the future the height of the sale platform of the enterprise and level, deciding the quality that company sale works. The member that elegant official expert is comprised all comes from market a gleam of, had experienced countless successes and case of unsuccessful action trade, summary gives the 15 class chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position that the preparation that enrol business works, the enterprise that perhaps is affliction of the failure that enrol business for preparing to enrol business is referenced. Because length place is restricted, can make suggestive specification only.
   1 class step: Decorous manner
The state of mind that enrols business decides the method of the job that enrol business, everybody understands sale is not the buying and selling of one hammer, so, action business regards the first time of the enterprise as sale, that more cannot careless. If stress specified number of capital steam again overly when enrolling business, lost build channel and the essence that assure health.
   2 class step: Make clear a purpose
Action business is mixed according to the different level of the enterprise need, we are its cent two kinds: Stool of large bamboo hat of ┢ of suddenly of R of make a present of of  of Zhong Xing of shipboard of  of camel of basket of  ⑶  cuts favour archives male collection blame earnest of Cheng of Lai Nan of  of Jue of  of ⑾ of  of Zhi Lu  offends? to also have the channel ageing of old company inside a few industries, need is finished through enrolling business " shuffle " , no matter which are planted circumstance, the target must be made clear before enrolling business, a series of action business shows mark is quantified. In the meantime, like working as invite applications for a job of resource of company labor power, before invite applications for a job, should not come according to what purpose of invite applications for a job will increase staff newly the description that station job has making clear. To enrolling the future of businessman boy or girl friend working content gives clear description, if, the description of expensive unit main job duty to action businessman boy or girl friend is: Head pay xx10000 yuan payment for goods, so the likelihood that enrol business has had a result.
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