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The road that the brand builds -- the efficient - that enrol business
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Enrolling business is one of crucial link of company construction sale channel, it is the enterprise promotes the product to the market surely the road of classics. A kind of any products want to move toward the market, must want to go out through sale channel transmission. Sale channel is built by numerous agency compose, how is channel built, how to seek agency? This is the work that place of company move business should do.

Action business just seeks agency not just, let its sell the product of the enterprise. Somebody thinks the enterprise enrols business, want to have good product and sale policy only, can you enrol join in business? The fact proves, this viewpoint is wrong. Product and policy are hardware, also be must, how service and doing very follow-up support just is the most crucial. What channel business values is how the enterprise makes they can make money, the logistic thinking that they can pass themselves will judge this product the profit that this whether competitive, enterprise, brand can yield their gain is enough. The respect that they pay close attention to has the following:

1, product competition ability (style, quality, trademark is well-known degree, band of consumptive group definition, price)

2, set up shop supports (support of market analysis, optional location, , decorate support, goods shelves support, fittings support to wait)

3, the product serves support (rate of exchange a purchase, filling goods is tasted whether in time, newly appear on the market to wait for a service whether in time to support)

4, support service supports (groom support, display support, sales promotion support, daily service support to wait)

5, advertisement supports (company brand models support of support of plan, regional advertisement, public relations activity to wait)

6, dealership beneficial is protected (inventory of regional protection, dealer controls dealer etc)

After a few problems that were clear that agency cares, we make sale policy with respect to what can have specific aim, odd in order to enrol business for, need passes the following measure to enrol the target of business in order to achieve a success, and make action business effect the biggest change.

1, establish the efficient team that enrol business, reach service group;

2, the mode enrolling business with competitive formulate and action trade policy;

3, the definite plan that enrol business;

4, enter the market to seek potential client;

5, hold action chamber of commerce, reinforce client confidence;

6, undertake agency makes an on-the-spot investigation reach optional location;

7, agency, counterjumper grooms;

8, practice engineers support;

9, formulate of agency assessment plan and management.

One, how to establish the strong team that enrol business?

In the process that enrols business, the person's element is the most crucial, should make the effect that enrol business is achieved the biggest change, the enterprise must establish an intelligent and capable team that enrol business, the Chongzhongzhi that is work of company move business is heavy, but this also is the most difficult a bit, 21 centuries, the shortage problem of senior professional is the acerbest, the biggest question that how established the group of high quality to become all enterprises to be faced with, the company shuts tether now already from the earliest partner, agency, consumer, employee change becomes present staff member, agency, consumer, partner, the talent's recruit and active management are the work with company the most significant progress.
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