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After China enters a life, the foreign trader values land of this Chinese geomantic treasure, the ground of the circle that grab a beach of strive to be the first, right China investment rises sharply. But according to business of a few action the staff member is mirrorred, when negotiating with the foreign trader, data of the environment that enrol business often shoulds not foreign taste, data preparation is detailed, the foreign trader cares be not most; And the foreign trader wants detailed understanding, sometimes scanty however at preparation, still need to do further survey analysis, affect negotiated process. Will tell commonly, transnational corporation or foreign enterprise are in before making investment decide, they should undertake analytic assessment to investment climate, in order to make clear investment project and investment risk. "How think in foreign heart, it is us the job that enrol business should make " , this should become the principle of a job of capital attraction. After investing around the foreign trader how ability " make money " the element goes preparing an environment to recommend material, it is easy to will tell commonly with foreign butt joint. Below collect a few transnational corporation presidents that invest in China are nodded to the attention of investment climate, contain certain catholicity, also be us at the same time the effort below the branch that enrol business should do well, necessary, authentic investment climate recommends a data.

1, the stable rate of national politics condition. This is the premise of investment. About this, all investor that reach China have the same feeling, namely China is good, the investment climate of foreground of the politics that stabilizes continuously and economy, rich development is beyond question be at ease with your person. But, the security of society that invests the ground and stable circumstance also are one of points that foreign investment considers.

2, the favourable policy that builds a plant to foreign investment.

3, be good at whole journey spends legal system. The course that includes to conform with world trade and dimension authority, complain, the legal system such as the arbitration builds a case.

4, policy commitment letter is spent. This is the part that the foreign trader wants key understanding and heart impeach Lv. "The enthusiastic action business, suddenly turn hostile that take the door " , "The leader is changed, policy changes completely " wait for a phenomenon to although be individual,be in in capital attraction job, but enough lets foreign investor one's heart still fluttering with fear.

5, the proportion that equity of allow foreign capital has.

6, allow profit to collect the system that answer and requirement.

7, the rate that enjoys national treatment, be in to native capital and foreign capital namely the differential degree of pay respect.

8, it is difficult that place plans market fund easy degree. This also is one of focuses that the foreign trader pays close attention to, especially to joint ventures or 3 endowment the company will tell, because be joint-stock put into production, sometimes local capital scale does not reach the designated position tardy, affect start course. The capital that should raise money clearly is over there, when to reach the designated position, say clear one by one.
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