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Local government capital attraction - of 12 kinds of mode
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Is every area right " capital attraction " is this word afraid not unfamiliar -- the local government that which longing expands this locality economy had not been done greatly small multifarious capital attraction activity? But should speak of this capital attraction to have what particular form really, be afraid rare person computation passes. Be counted now along with us, accomplish know fairly well.

One, the government forms a delegation action business this is from 80 time be current up to now the traditional pattern that enrol business, collective of leaders of all levels goes out row, the resource dominant position that recommends oneself to ground of huge of each district impetus and action business project, generally speaking of person property expend tremendous, and with respect to the form character, as the swift and violent development of informatization and network, it progressively outdated, disappear. Because use the policy website on Internet, convey your intent and detailed circumstance completely OK and clearly, and need not make iteration statement. Even a kind of opinion thinks, be fond of the place of this kind of means the more, the consciousness that or leads is dated, or has " at public expense travels " suspicion, investment value nature is alarming also.

2, contingent action business unites a variety of inadequacy that form a delegation because of the government, this kind of form that enrol business evolves again " contingent enrols business " , avoid drag in many people to do sth namely, change to bring endowment ground to negotiate to the target by the group of 35 people project. Compared with on one kind of means, the project that this kind of means chooses and action business end have specific aim more, successful rate also wants than on one kind tall.

3, the swift and violent development of business of the action on the net as Internet, business of the action on the net makes international rule. Somebody is its advantage summary, it is the communication chart that can need all investor to understand Wen Bingmao ground is revealed on the net come out, make whole world investor witting; 2 it is the cost that build a station low, benefit is great; 3 it is speed fast, efficiency is tall. Pass email, go up a few minutes in the net in can finish information to seek advice with communication. 4 it is communication handy, alternant sex is strong. Pass network connection, can have both sides or various information communication, the business such as the trade that can have the conference on fax of international long distance call, plain code, net and different ground traveling trader on the net and project negotiation. 5 it is the bank is participated in, credit is spent tall. Current, this kind of means has brought endowment place to be used generally for each district.

4, the exhibition enrols business this also is wide for a kind of means that use, most most typical, successful belong to Shenzhen Fair of product of new and high technology. Through be being revealed to the concentration of project and product, absorb person energy of life extensively, achieve the goal that enrols business thereby. Meet those who exhibit property develop, having nothing to do with the heat that enrol business is.
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