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The industry enrols business new thinking: Business - is enrolled after locating
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Plant bad phoenix tree, why to draw phoenix? Want to realize great achievements of capital attraction again and again, what should do above all is industrial fixed position.

It is easy that this word says, do but so not simple. Also won't appear nowadays now otherwise " action business is hard, it is more difficult to enrol good business " awkward condition.

In fact, region industry locates the earlier stage that having enrolling business optionally namely substantially works, why is this area development planted industry, nature of the orientaton that enrol business will be corresponding ground follow-up.

"The industry enrols business " -- action business new thinking

The linkage relation between industrial fixed position and action business is nowadays place actually those who say " the industry enrols business " .

What is meant by " does the industry enrol business " ?

Have a professional explanation: The comparison that relies on a developing zone advantage, be based on reasonable industrial fixed position, the dominant product around the industry and downstream product comes to capital attraction on its, introduce high-end product to manufacture a technology, extend technical cable length, build dominant industry, the suture fault that realizes an industry, supply a gap, adjust a structure, form complete industrial chain, will promote integrated competition ability with this.

"The industry enrols business " the in short undertakes enrolling business to rely on with the industry namely. Form industrial gather through enrolling business, accumulate capital to enrol business further.

Objectively, industrial move business is not fresh play meaning. Heibei holds the post of grave county to be in 2004, because pollution suffers inside limitation,hold papermaking property the machine of change, by the government in industrial garden area investment built a sewage treatment plant 35 million yuan, attracted many 10 large papermaking enterprise settle around sewage treatment plant next. such " without foundation " build removed " papermaking city " .

This kind of industry of county holding the post of grave enrols trade pattern to still compare delicacy, say normally, industrial move business is the industry according to place, absorb downstream industry is garrisoned on its. And papermaking course of study just began to be not this county advocate make an industry, so someone says this is jokingly " Karate " the means that enrol business.

Not come singly but in pairs, auspicious water county is introduced " eletroplate collect controls a center " undertake enrolling business, also belong to this kind " out of thin air " the industry enrols business.

Of course, soul of air of this need government, large investment reachs great gift yielding benefit to come true.

Aid power industry assemble

Have the figure of speech of a figure, say the industry enrols business to resemble picking a grape, one string strings together the ground to collect, uproot, can form powerful industrial assemble effect. The industry enrols business as knitting a net same, the economic competition ability that reachs a place again to an industry from an enterprise is layer upon layer rise.
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