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Place over ten months before the 70 billion yuan investment in Ningxia
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November 26, the implementation of investment conference held in Ningxia, an autonomous region Wang Zhengwei requirements, the whole region should further emancipate the mind, strengthen its efforts to fully implement the investment task, start another new wave of investment promotion. 1 to 10 this year, month, region 708 investment projects were implemented, plans a total investment of 303.269 billion yuan, 184.349 billion yuan accumulated complete, in place of 71.945 billion yuan of funds to complete the task of 102.78 percent annual target. Since 2004, the region's capital investment totaled 257.179 billion yuan in place. Wang Zhengwei pointed out that the region in recent years, Party committees at all levels, the Government investment as a "first in command" to form a "grasping the development of investment is to grasp, grasping the development of investment must be caught," a thick atmosphere, investment grew faster, highlights and more, the level of high popularity, with remarkable results. Current and future period of time, our region is still a promising investment, promising important historical opportunities, the regional party committee, the government initially set the "second five" during the actual capital investment in our region to maintain growth above 50% . At present, all levels of Party committees and governments to undertake the platform to build, to build a new high investment to develop new investment highlights. Should focus on "Yellow gold coast", high-efficiency agriculture, logistics and industrial investment grasping around the "five core area" and the "Ten Characteristics of the park" grasping investment, a major festival, to be caught around the domestic and foreign investment. We should actively help to build the first Arab forum for the exchange of economic and trade cooperation platform and channel for new space to expand investment, and strive to introduce more high-end investors and projects. Attention should be paid to promote private capital investment, the introduction of a number of good projects, large projects. Wang Zhengwei stressed that Party committees and governments should establish a supervision mechanism for investment, pay close attention to project implementation, completion of the project into production as soon as possible, while creating a sound political environment, legal environment and public opinion environment for investment to provide effective protection. Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee, Organization Department Xusong Nan spoke at the meeting, he pointed out that the investment made in order to ensure effectiveness in the future in my year-end evaluation of leading cadres in the district, will work into the examination content investment.