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South Korean investment in China elements shine
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November 11, 12, summit leaders of the Group of Twenty (G20 Summit) held in Korea, not only attracted the eyes of the world, but also to the host country South Korea came under scrutiny. Post-crisis era, the trend of how the Korean economy? As with the Chinese - you don water neighbors, and its investment policy, what the impact will be on China? Nov. 1 -3 days, participated by the "2010 South Korean Foreign Investment Week" activities, opportunities, our reporter went to South Korea - explore what. China, Korea, foreign capital investment too hard almost adhere the "China card" "Korea is now how much a pound cabbage ah? Also like a while ago so expensive?" "No, it has been down a lot, I went to the supermarket dedicated seen: a 3000 cabbage also won one hundred and eleven co-yuan less than 20 dollars." This is an interview with reporters in South Korea during a conversation inadvertently heard. Meike cabbage from the peak of 15,000 won (RMB 90), 3,000 won to the present, South Korea "kimchi crisis" lifted, largely due to massive imports of Chinese cabbage: 1 October, South Korean President government announced the temporary lifting of import tariffs of 30% cabbage, emergency 160 tonnes imported from China, Chinese cabbage; According to incomplete statistics, private businessmen from South Korea, Shandong, Hebei, Jilin and other provinces have been imported over 50,000 tons of Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage, China, Chinese food, Chinese ... ... walking the streets in South Korea, and "China" relevant factors is not uncommon, and even the South Korean investment like they played the "China card." While in South Korea in the strong recovery in the financial crisis, becoming the first out of the international financial crisis, one of the fastest recovery, but still face enormous pressure in transition. China's rapid economic development has prompted us to accelerate the transition; South Korea's relatively good human resources, information technology and transport and other infrastructure facilities, more importantly, South Korea, location, away from the world's largest consumer market in China, close to where investment in construction of the logistics costs are relatively low; South Korea is an emerging market, foreign investment in South Korea can play a role in the experiment, if the success of the Korean investment in other countries such as China, will also be successful ... ... "The Korean economy in transition pressure from China, the transition from the main advantage in China, almost adhere 'China'." Joked a Chinese investor, investment from South Korea too hard, "China card" view China's rapid economic development of South Korea has caused tremendous pressure and power. Attractive investment incentives Fu Han Fu Han Wenzhou businessmen seek opportunities for group Wang Wenxin busy. In South Korea for three days, her schedule is always full of: foreign investment to participate in forums, study the market, listen to one another on South Korean investment policy, industrial development of the related report of the ... ... little bit of their own time. New energy, logistics, medical, information and communications, LED, nano-technology ... ... from the "South Korean Foreign Investment Forum 2010" in several sub-forum is not difficult to see that the focus of future development of Korean economy. In order to attract foreign investment, the Korean government also set out a series of preferential investment policies, such as: foreign investment in designated high-tech industrial area of 7 years may be exempted from tax, local taxes up to 15 years; designated areas, lease land to foreign relief from lease payments; investment in high technology, new materials industry of investment limit from 10 to 15 percent of the cash back and more. Preferential investment policies to attract many foreign investors looking for opportunities to Korea. Investment Week event, met a reporter from Shanghai, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce business delegation, Wang Wenxin is a member of the business delegation. As a private equity fund's investment manager, and her task is to find suitable investment projects. "Listen to several forums down, I feel the South Korean government in the development of green energy, green industry indeed in a lot of effort, and we in this area there are also some sophisticated investment experience, there should be a suitable investment opportunities." So that when the She seemed very excited. "In fact, the original plan of our business delegation of more than 30 entrepreneurs, but because of time constraints, many people do not run down the visa." Accompanying a staff member told us that they are groups come visit the market, looking for business opportunities, "Wenzhou businessmen all over the world famous entrepreneurial spirit, 'where there is opportunity, where there Wenzhou'. For us, South Korea's beauty and health, communications, technology, real estate, etc., are more attractive strength. " "I think that the forum referral services 'U.S. satin Island' project sounds very good, very promising." And Wang Wenxin different temperatures one business delegation, Patek Philippe, Director of Commerce is Xusan Ping South Korea is more interested in the real estate market. "Beauty is our satin Island Incheon Free Trade Zone in the effort to build a manufacturing city project, an area of about 180 million square meters, an investment of more than 10 billion dollars. Infrastructure construction should be completed by the end; for 2014 Asian Games held in Incheon, the entire project to complete around 60%. "Lippo Incheon Development Co., Ltd. (LiPPoIncheonDeve1oPmentCo.Ltd) Representative Director, President Chiang line (JosePhS.Chiang) when interviewed in the claims, is different from general real estate development, the United States satin Island project is completed, will become a set of residential property, shopping malls, amusement parks, restaurants, culture and beauty, health, hotels, international schools is one of the self-contained "city", " like a 'Little Hong Kong'. "he said. $ 500,000 immigrants in Korea, Chinese investors will be able to "tailor" Largest trading partner, largest export destination, the largest source of imports and the largest trade surplus source of ... ... With the continuous development of China's economy, South Korea, to attract Chinese enterprises to invest more and more attention. "'Made the city', we also actively promote a policy of the floor, if approved by its smooth, then after not only the Chinese people come here to go to Jeju Island as the same visa, you can also enjoy the same investment immigration policy, that is to invest in tourist facilities, finance, education, medical and other fields more than $ 500,000, will be able to obtain permanent residency in Korea. "Chiang said the line. Although the policy is not specifically for the Chinese people and settings, in Chiang line view, its main purpose is to attract Chinese investors. "Chinese companies are not short of money, lack of experience in overseas investment. If trade with China and South Korea before the Korean investment in China-based, then the situation has changed now, Korea is also actively attract Chinese enterprises to invest." One place in Korea for many years Hong Kong told reporters. Data shows that the financial crisis, Korea from the U.S., Japan, Europe and other developed countries and regions has slowed foreign investment, and China as the representative of the emerging economies of the Korean investment has increased significantly. 2009 South Korea's investment in China amounted to $ 160,000,000, while the relative is not a lot, but increase rapidly 1-9 months of this year, China's total investment in Korea has reached 3.3 billion U.S. dollars. Analysts believe that Korea is expected after 3 to 5 years, China is expected to become South Korea's largest source of foreign investment. "From our point of view of Gyeonggi province, though so far Chinese companies here are not many direct investment, but a gradual growth trend, mainly in some technical areas, such as auto parts and so on." Gyeonggi Province Investment Promotion Division, head of the investment environment scales Shen Yong told reporters that they had just recently with a company in Shanghai reached a preliminary letter of intent, the proposed investment of up to $ 50,000,000. "South Korea attaches great importance to attracting investment from China, in May of this year, we have South Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy of the Joint Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, established the promotion of Korean investment in China's special organizations to help those who are ready to Chinese companies investing in Korea." Ministry of Knowledge Economy Investment Policy Officer introduced. Some analysts believe that, to benefit from exports, especially the rapid growth of exports to China, South Korea, after the financial crisis become one of the fastest recovery. South Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy data show that in 2008 Korea's fourth-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate was -5.1% qoq, annual growth in 2009 had been "positive" for the 0.2% the first quarter of this year, more is the highest since the fourth quarter of 2002, the highest level since the one hundred and eleven rose 8.1% annual increase in 2010 is expected to reach about 5.8%.