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Puer Tea Horse Road section of Chinas first investment of 1.3 billion investmen
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October 23, Ning'er County, Pu'er Tea Horse Road section of China's first investment project signing ceremony, a total of Pu'er Fu Tung Wood (Group) Co., Ltd. invested in the (high) density fiberboard production line processing, Dali provincial Resort show alone investment in real estate development limited liability company town Ning'er ground black cum protection and development of the first Town Tea-Horse Road development, Triangle Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Ning'er investment Ning'er County People's Hospital, the old business area development Other six projects with a total investment of 1.3 billion fund agreement protocol signed smoothly as the first Chinese Ning'er Tea Horse Road Festival, another major highlight. Ning'er, with its rich natural resources, good location advantages and the rich cultural heritage as an ideal hot spot for investors. In recent years, the county, county government has adhered to the investment made to accelerate the Ning'er Science Show a fundamental measure for promoting projects to increase the total investment and stimulate economic growth an important breakthrough, and down around the county filled with opening up and developing the vitality and the "investment, pro-business, security business," the rich atmosphere Wai, the fruitful work of the county investment. Pu'er Fu Tung Wood (Group) Co., Ltd. Guo Jirong said: With the opening of international channels, Ning-er going to be commerce, logistics center, with a investors Ning'er county government support and a number of excellent Benefits policy is ideal for investors, secure place for investment, that will bring tangible benefits to investors. It is reported that: Pu'er Fu Tung Wood (Group) Co., Ltd. will invest 320 million yuan, the construction of two of the Ning'er (high) density fiber Dimensional plate production line processing.