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Dali city introduces foreign capital, technology and talent award to implement m
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The first opens to the outside world to expand further, encourage intermediary person and action trade main body to introduce project, capital, technology and talent, economy of nation of stimulative Dali city grows, according to the concerned regulation of country and Yunnan province, those who tie ethical autonomy place is actual, make this way especially.

This the 2nd method place says " intermediary person " it is to show for Dali city economy grows pull wires to build the bridge, the mechanism that introduces project, capital, technology and talent successfully, unit, organization and individual; "The main body that enrol business " it is to point to the business that receives project, capital, technology and talent.

This the 3rd method place says " introduce project, capital, technology and talent " it is to point to use all sorts of legal means and relationship, introduce the project of the home outside the city, abroad, capital, technology and talent Dali city, its form is:

With leasehold, donate means to invest construction capital; Take capital to undertake fixed assets invests; The enterprise inside devoted capital and city joint-stock, collaboration, pool; With annex, buy or trust management kind to capital of infuse of the enterprise inside the city; Undertake with advanced science and technology the project is made over, become a shareholder; With advanced management experience and administrative person with ability join business management, bring remarkable economic benefits for the enterprise.

The 4th is opposite project of the investment outside introducing a city, establish the intermediary person with successful company, beyond 1 million yuan of RMB is square infuse capital start, every 1 million yuan are pressed 0.5% give award, after bonus builds go into operation formally in the enterprise and experience endowment affirms, give award by the finance that be the same as class.

The 5th is opposite introduce or be in harmony connects international finance to organize loan, foreign business loan, folk's leasehold intermediary person, it is start with 200 thousand dollar, use time is in 3 years of above, give the following one-time award: Introduce repayment of capital not to have breath capital, give reach the designated position capital the award of 3 % . Introduce the interest rate of capital to give under what interest rate borrows money between government of the corresponding period reach the designated position capital the award of 1 % . Introduce capital interest rate to be equal at interest rate borrowing money between the government, give reach the designated position capital 0. The award of 5 % . Afore-mentioned bonus, recommending fund after experience endowment enables a year, by with endowment the unit gives into the RMB with convert of exchange rate of foreign currency of the corresponding period one-time cash.

The 6th gives design in kind to introducing international folk to organize free, by suffer give an unit to press reach the designated position the 4 % convert that gives paragraph or objective value gives award for the RMB.
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