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The Gansu Province invests favourable policy
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1. Market admittance policy
(1) encourage a foreign trader to invest the infrastructure construction such as agriculture, irrigation works, zoology, traffic, the sources of energy, municipal, environmental protection, mineral products, travel and resource development, and build a technology to consider to develop a center. The foreign trader invests the product that the enterprise produces, divide a country besides special provision, do not be restricted inside and outside spends proportion.
(2) encourage development superior goods exit, external the project contracts and service collaboration, arrive outside the condition especially circumjacent nation investment runs a plant, relax limitation of personnel discrepancy condition. Develop imperative technical device to economy, give on entrance management take care of appropriately.
(3) the foreign trader can be inside Lanzhou city and national level developing zone run business jointly with domestic company retail with wholesale business, foreign trade enterprise, travel agent, bank (solely invested or joint-stock) , the enterprise such as firm of design of office of office of safe, telegraphic, accountant, attorney, engineering.
(4) to domestic and international economy the organization makes over A road, bridge, channel, city municipal wait for rights and interests of public infrastructure property, offer for its collect fees the price approves article impawn, honor the agreement the necessary financing such as insurance and management condition. The longest time can be 25 years.
(5) divide state law code besides illicit domain, investment of economy of blame state ownership does not get investment dimensions, oppose a proportional restriction.

2. National pay policy
(1) all encouragement to Gansu Province enterprise policy, euqally applicable to foreign trader and provincial investment company. All societies that construction of company of foreign trader, provincial investment and manufacturing place want to use serve, rate and Gansu Province company are same.
(2) be not state-owned company to assure in channel of project approving of political pay, project, financing and credence, title of technology of achievement appraisal and award, assess, go abroad make an on-the-spot investigation wait for respect and state-owned company treat equally without discrimination.
(3) foreign nationality personnel, provincial talent and its family member come pleasant works, all rate are as same as this province dweller.

3. Urge investment policy
(1) allow a foreign trader to begin the project financing that includes a RMB inside, support belongs to the company that the country is encouraged and allows kind of industry to wait for means to attract a foreign trader to invest through making over equity of right of administration, sell one's own things, annex to recombine.
(2) foreign investment infrastructure and advantage industry project, can relax appropriately than limitation, relax appropriately the proportion that domestic bank provides fixed assets to invest a RMB to borrow money. Allow certain project to increase the proportion that foreign privilege borrows money appropriately.
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