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Measure of privilege of capital attraction of developing zone of Fujian general
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General principles of the first chapter
The first drives the strategy to implement a project, accelerate developing zone of my county economy to grow pace () of developing zone of the following abbreviation, the travelling merchant outside attracting churchyard starts line of business to developing zone investment, basis " will happy county measure of capital attraction privilege a certain number of regulations " , enact this favourable measure.
The travelling merchant outside the churchyard that the 2nd every will come to invest, no matter domestic and international capital, no matter form of system of ownership, no matter subordinating relation, every accords with industrial policy to direct, can enjoy this favourable measure.
The 3rd developing zone decides a project to subentry centers an area or offer the ground alone into be stationed in according to project investment.
The 2nd chapter uses local face
The 4th investor uses ground every to invest intensity and building volume ratio to accord with a country in project of the investment inside the developing zone " double accuse " standard, and with hanging out one's shingle means gains land access, be in charge of by the developing zone appoint meeting all generation handles card of earthy land ownership. For country of according to of ground fixed number of year the regulation is carried out.
The industrial project that builds inside the 5th developing zone is achieved with the ground " 3 are made the same score " , by price of lowermost sell one's own things 64 thousand yuan / mu price sell one's own things (contain gold of land sell one's own things) . Develop level to investor proper motion, press price of lowermost sell one's own things 38 thousand yuan / mu price sell one's own things. The country has those who adjust price of sell one's own things of industrial land lowest, by the country the regulation is carried out. Enter for the ground alone be stationed in an enterprise the construction inside a year ends since the day of self-confessed ground every mus reward 10 thousand yuan, the put into production inside two years runs every mus to reward 20 thousand yuan again normally.
The 6th project that centers an area to entering the subentry in be stationed in its privilege measure:
One, every investment is spent in less than of 30 million yuan of RMBs in subentry in principle offers the ground alone not simply, the enterprise can be chosen rent, buy, build standard workshop to wait for means oneself, in in subentry concentration area is engaged in production managing.
2, altogether the enterprise of area of concentration of the subentry in entering can share the establishment of life form a complete set such as apartment of developing zone worker, dining room, but need standard management, charge to pay oneself.
3, means of standard workshop construction has:
(one) advocate for private use oneself. Namely project owner takes a project to enter garden oneself, what take a project to had signed up for equipment about sectional project approving, allow to be inside planning area, after pursueing according to careful of unified program and design requirement, classics, be in charge of with the developing zone appoint countersign concludes concerned standard agreement, by construction of project owner proper motion, property right puts in construction 's charge square all. The developing zone presses every mus 64 thousand yuan of price are supplied, the property that use the land is industrial land. Project owner is inside formulary time limit, must end by requirement construction, be in charge of via the developing zone appoint meeting organization personnel is checked and accept by normative agreement after affirming, one-time press every mus 10 thousand yuan of award. Since the day of self-confessed ground mark put into production is amounted to to reward 24 thousand yuan again inside two years, did not achieve normative requirement not to grant to reward.
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