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Always promote a certain number of prefectural regulations about encouraging inv
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One, main train of thought

1. County of further spread encyclopedia opens to the outside world, optimize investment climate, attract and enlarge investment, advance in the round " 3 change " process, increase obtain employment chance, help the rapid growth that moves economy, the prosperity that promotes my county economy and society are stable.

2. Conform world trade is regular, execute enterprise countryman pay.

2, relax in the round market admittance domain

3. Outside the industry that except state law, code public proclamation prohibits investing, project and commodity, other is uniform allow investment to manage.

4. According to " always promote prefectural industry to expand directive list " , encourage investment to develop science and technology model, labor is concentrated model, resource is used integratedly model, environmental protection, farming by-product treatment, exit is achieved collect model enterprise; Encourage investment to be engaged in agricultural industrialization managing, construction of current job, town, intermediary serves industry of new and high technology, trade; The infrastructure that encourages investment to participate in a government to unite a program and municipal facilities and country appoint the mineral products resource inside limits to develop; Encourage investment to participate in the social career progress such as education, wholesome, culture, sports, travel, welfare.

3, implement vigorous land policy

5. Accord with industrial policy and land to use the productivity project of overall planning, can adopt means of consultative sell one's own things to offer the ground. The area that its land cost built fiducial price system is pressed not under level of plot of sell one's own things the 70 % pay of fiducial price; The area that did not build fiducial price system is pressed should of pay add construction newly to use the land paid the use cost, compensation that ask for the ground finds a place for cost, land is developed cost and answer by the regulation the concerned duty of turn over to the higher authorities expends the sum pay. The project with the dimensions on investment, tall redound, enter a doorsill to reduce, investor can be in after paying land cost price, odd part in installment pay land cost.

6. According to " always promote prefectural industry to expand directive list " , the dimensions on investment, belong to encourage development kind and transform rise kind industrial project, after the government of classics of land cost amount of pay of its in advance agrees, can grant proper privilege.

7. Invest 30 million yuan or find a place for labour force 500 people above and to this prefectural economy development is had bigger the productivity item that plays a movement to use, after money paid for something purchased or received for something sold agrees via prefectural government, the land of pay of its in advance can execute be related to be discussed.

8. Construction of management sex project uses the land uniform adopt the invite public bidding, auction, means that hang out one's shingle to offer the ground.
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